A Comparative Review of the Desky Standing Desk and the MotionGrey Standing Desk

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Still haven’t found the right standing desk for you? We have another comparative review to help you find more options and make the search easier. For this review, well take a look at the Desky Standing Desk and compare it with our own MotionGrey Standing Desk to see which features they excel in.

For this specific review, we’ll look at the Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk and the MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk. Both are electric in nature and both have a dual motor lifting system.

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Desky Standing Desk vs MotionGrey Standing Desk: A Closer Look

Weight Capacity

When looking into a desk’s load-carrying capacity, you first need to check all the equipment you plan to place on your desk. How much do they weigh? That weight must match the capacity of the desk to ensure the desk can handle everything.

Desky Standing Desk: 308.6 lbs

MotionGrey Standing Desk: 230 lbs

Of the two desks, Desky offers a higher weight capacity for users with a lot of heavy equipment needed on the desk. Meanwhile, if you have just your laptop and a few office supplies, the capacity of the MotionGrey desk will suffice.

Height Range

There are desks designed for taller users and desks designed for shorter ones. What you want to get is a standing desk that offers a wide height range and can accommodate different types of users. This is important especially if you are sharing the desk with other users in your workspace.

Desky Standing Desk: 23.6” to 49.2”

MotionGrey Standing Desk: 23.6” to 49”

Both the Desky and the MotionGrey standing desk offer a decent amount of height range, perfect for both taller and shorter users, with the Desky standing desk only offering 0.2” more height range in the tallest setting.


When you press the keypad on the desk to trigger the desk to move to your saved height, how fast do you want it to reach that height? This can determine how smooth the transition you will experience and how convenient its use will be.

Desky Standing Desk: 1.40” per second

MotionGrey Standing Desk: 1.50” per second

In this area, Desky offers a bit more of speed than the MotionGrey Desk, a difference of 0.10” per second. Check how much this matters to you to help you make the right decision.

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Noise Level

Similar to speed, noise is also a matter of comfort (and productivity) when it comes to operating the standing desk. The higher the noise, the higher the likelihood of you getting distracted when you are working and operating the desk to move from one height to another.

Desky Standing Desk: 40dB

MotionGrey Standing Desk: 40dB

Both the Desky standing desk and the MotionGrey standing desk offer a minimal amount of noise, so you can keep working without distraction even as you shift between sitting and standing as you work.


Warranty is important when it comes to preparing against premature damage. The longer the warranty, the better.

Desky Standing Desk: 5-10 years Limited Warranty

MotionGrey Standing Desk: 8 years

MotionGrey offers a general 8 years warranty. Meanwhile, Desky offers a shorter coverage for its table tops, with a longer limited warranty for its frames.


Depending on your budget and the features you want to enjoy in a desk, it’s easy to find the right one that will give you a balance between both. And the good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune just to invest in this ergonomic furniture.

Desky Standing Desk: up to $799

MotionGrey Standing Desk: $499.99

Of the two desks, the MotionGrey standing desk is offered at almost half the price of the Desky standing desk. Equipped with the right features and more than decent capacity in terms of function, it’s a good investment that will easily pay off in terms of the benefits it will offer you.

motiongrey standing desk

Before deciding on which standing desk to get, go through all the features once again and check which are non-negotiables and which are negotiables for you. By being diligent, by doing a bit of research, it’s easy to find the right desk at the right price.

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