Rise Standing Desk: The Highs and the Lows

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The field of ergonomics has seen a lot of innovations during the recent years, and among its most successful are standing desks. They have revolutionized the way people move in workplaces, and they look to be a promising solution against sedentary lifestyle.

Are you in the market for a standing desk? As we continue our series on standing desk reviews, we’re doing another highlight on the Rise standing desk for this post, focusing on its highs and lows when it comes to the basic features.

A General Overview of the Rise Standing Desk

The Rise standing desk is designed for both home and office use. It’s one of the desks in the market with a wider range of technological features that include anti-collision, child lock, anti-fingerprint, and anti-heat property.

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But how does it perform when it comes to the basic, more important features? Let’s take a look.

The Highs of the Rise Standing Desk

This desk comes with a dual motor and a three-segmented design for its steel frame, just like our Motion Series standing desk, so it has a solid foundation.

Apart from this, the feature in which the Rise desk stands out is its table top—because of two things. One, it offers one of the bigger table tops in the market for its large standing desk option, measuring 71”x30”, more than enough space for all your equipment and supplies. And two, the desk is also offered in as many as 5 different colors. So when it comes to aesthetics, you definitely have a lot of options.

The Lows of the Rise Standing Desk

Most of the features of the Rise desk are average, comparable to the usual standing desks you will find in the market—average weight capacity at 260lbs and just enough operating speed at 1.5” per second. When it comes to features where you might look for more, the noise level could be better. Though it’s not too loud at 45dB, there may be room for improvement to get that whisper quiet sound and ensure you get no distraction as you work.

The Rise standing desk is also in the higher-price range, offered at a little under a thousand dollars. The warranty is relatively average at 5 years, similar to the average warranty that comes with many standing desks. However, the coverage can still be improved, especially with the price at which it is offered. For comparison, the MotionGrey standing desk is offered at only $500, and it comes with an 8-year warranty coverage.

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Should You Get the Rise Standing Desk?

That depends. The Rise desk has some neat qualities, and its extra technological features are a good addition. If you find these helpful, you may consider this desk. However, if you’re looking for reliable basic features that do not come with a hefty price tag, then you might want to look for options that are more affordable with a comparable level of quality and reliability.

You may check great options HERE. Find a table that will best suit you and your space and get the lifestyle boost that you need!

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