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Experts say that sitting is the new smoking – it causes as many health problems and reduces a person’s lifespan by nearly as much. However, with the work that most people do every day, sitting in their home office or their workplace in front of a computer or a laptop for most of the day, it’s easy to think we’re out of options. 

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Fortunately, apart from exercise, injecting small and simple movements into your daily office activities can help combat the risks posed by prolonged sitting. Health experts recommend standing up and walking around after every few minutes of sitting. If you want to take this to the next level, then try to alternate between sitting and standing as you work. The first thing you want to consider to make this happen would be an adjustable standing desk converter.

What are standing desk converters?

There are low desks for sitting, high desks for standing, and then you have a standing desk converter that will allow you to do both. A standing desk converter is a small and adjustable device that you can assemble on top of your existing desk so that you can adjust the working height of your desk from low to high and back, as needed. 

It’s also called a ‘desk riser’, and you can think of it as a small table that you can place on top of your existing table. Its height is adjustable, so you can easily use it while sitting or standing, making the shift convenient and hassle free.

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What are the benefits of standing desk converters?

When people start to consider the option of working while standing, the first question that usually comes to mind is this: which type of desk will best help achieve the purpose? While there are full standing desks and height adjustable desks, you’d probably want to give yourself some time to adjust to working while standing by considering a ‘lighter’ equipment option. This is where standing desk converters come in.

For most people, a desk converter is all they need to make that instant shift and achieve a more balanced, healthier lifestyle at work. Paired with a sturdy desk and perhaps a laptop stand, this is a great option to start the transition. If you’re thinking about this option now, here are a few benefits you may want to check:


The most obvious reason to choose a standing desk converter is its cheaper price. You can find a decent and high-quality converter for around a hundred dollars, whereas full desks can come upwards of five hundred to a thousand dollars, even more, depending on the type of desks. If you want a cheaper option with the same results, a desk converter is for you.

Ease of assembly

Or sometimes no assembly at all. Most converters are ready to use after you take them out of the box, compared to standing desks that may require around an hour to assemble. This is ideal for those who have zero to little skills when it comes to product assembly.


While a complete standing desk set-up will usually take up a lot of space in your study or office, this will not be a problem with a standing desk converter. Most converters have a sleek and smooth design, making them unimposing and easily complementing any working area. When it’s completely set up, a converter will not eat up a lot of space. And when folded, it can easily be a part of your existing desk. And because of this, it is also easier to move around in your space as needed.

Flexible and sturdy design

Depending on the type of the standing desk converter that you will get, you will find equipment that can accommodate all of your computer or laptop accessories such as your mouse or keyboard – no need to purchase extra add-ons such as mounts and stands. Most converters today also come with lower cross support legs, making them sturdy and stable. Plus, they go well with other equipment you have on your desks such as a double monitor.

Ability to keep your existing desk

Why throw your existing desk when you can use it together with a standing desk converter? With both, you can enjoy the flexibility of the converter, the extra storage space in your desk drawers, and the space in your desk surface for all your other items. Sometimes, your desks may also hold sentimental value, and parting with them is not an option. In cases like this, a desk converter is your best bet.

How to select the best standing desk converter?

If you’re ready to find a desk converter, you’ll see a wide range of options available in the market. When selecting the right one, here are a few things you might want to consider:


An ergonomic workstation is crucial for both health and physical comfort. When it comes to standing desk converters, height and keyboard surface angle are perhaps the two most important factors to check. The good thing about most converters is that they’re adjustable and can offer a wide height range, so it’s easy to obtain the correct height for you. In terms of surface angle for your keyboard, you may want to check models with adjustable keyboard trays so that you can easily adjust your typing angle to one that is more comfortable for your wrists.

Easy adjustment

Most standing desk converters are relatively easy to adjust in terms of height, but you will find models with a one-push button adjustment. These take comfort to a higher level and are options you may want to consider.

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Reviews and testimonials

Among the best measures to a product’s quality are real-life feedback from users who have already tried them. Nothing beats a fair product review. So when doing your research, be sure not to skip on reviews and testimonials from actual users.

Quality and design

When it comes to features and built, you’ll never run out of desk converter options. You will find manual and electric converters, those with a straightforward design that you can place on top of your desk right away, or those with several extra features such as additional holders and mounts to accommodate accessories. Some electric designs boast of a quiet motor, while others of a smooth transition from folded to fully extended. Meanwhile, there are standing desk converters built for optimum stability. Choose the features that are important for you, and start from there.

Customer service

Most people do not look into aftersales service when they purchase a product, but this is in fact one of the most important factors to consider in your search for a desk converter. Granted, most converters can be set up and used straight out of the box. However, should you have assembly questions, or if you encounter any situation where a refund or a product replacement might be necessary, you want to be dealing with competent and empathetic staff who will help you address any concern you may have, no matter how small. 

Reviews can also help you with this. When reading testimonials, pay attention to any customer service complaint. After all, if you can’t trust the people behind the operation, that says something about the products they’re offering.

Our review of the best standing desk converters in the market?

Now that you know what to look for in a standing desk converter, it’s time to check out the options available for you. Below are the top converters in the market, with their specific features:

MotionGrey Portable Desk Converter Series PD1

Features: Made from steel frame and medium density board with weight capacity of 20lbs. Powered by hydraulic piston adjustment, it has an adjustment range of 0 – 35.56 cm (2.3 – 15.7in).
Pros: It’s a straightforward desk converter that’s sturdy, easy to adjust, and comes pre-assembled - solid basic features. If you want durability and function, it’s the way to go.
Cons: While it’s perfect for laptops, it is not designed for use with monitors and keyboards. It’s single-tiered and has no extra slots for computer accessories.
Value for Money: Of the five converters, this one is the cheapest, offered at only around a hundred dollars.

motiongrey standing desk converter

    Varidesk Pro Plus 36 

    Features: Comes with a two-tier design with a heavy weighted base, thick gauge steel construction, and 3D laminate finish. It has 11 height settings and a dual-handle design.

    Pros: Aside from being two-tiered, meaning it has space for your keyboard and mouse at a wrist- and hand-friendly angle, adjustment is also easy with various height options.

    Cons: The converter is stable for the most part, although there might be a slight wobble as you type, especially if you apply some force. You’ll also need to take extra steps to tuck away all monitor and keyboard wires to keep things neat and tidy since there are no slots for those.

    Value for Money: This is a rather pricey option, ranging at almost 400 dollars.

    Ergotron Workfit-S

    Features: Designed to easily attach to an existing desk by clamping on it, with different adjustment settings that make working while sitting or standing easy. It also has separate trays for monitor and keyboard and allows for a 360-degree rotation from portrait to landscape.

    Pros: Built to offer optimum ergonomics with the slanted angle of the main post, keeping the monitor away to prevent eye strain. Adjustment is also a cinch, promoting comfort and good posture.

    Cons: Assembly requires some level of skill and takes quite a bit of time, and an installer may be needed if you’re not inclined towards this kind of work. The keyboard tray is a bit small and may be able to accommodate just the keyboard.

    Value for Money: This is even pricier than the Pro Plus 36, ranging upwards of 400 dollars.

    VertDesk Converter

    Features: A two-tier desk converter that can accommodate two monitors up to 24” wide each. Adjustment is smooth and quiet, and it is shipped already pre-assembled, ready to use. Also comes in black and white colors.

    Pros: Stability at its best – this converter provides a solid support. Both its metal frame and the platform surface are reliable and sturdy. The keyboard tray can also tilt at an angle, allowing for less stress on the wrist when typing.

    Cons: Although built for the average user, it may not be too comfortable for users who are on the shorter or the taller spectrum. It’s also not as ergonomic as the other options.

    Value for Money: This falls in the mid-level range compared to the other options – it’s offered at a little over three hundred dollars.


    Features: Built with a large base and designed for stability and strength. Powered by a dual pneumatic spring force and features a simple touch height locking mechanism.

    Pros: Durable construction paired with rubber solid stoppers guarantee that this desk converter will remain steady in place. It also has two tiers, so you have enough space for your monitor and keyboard.

    Cons: This converter can be a bit heavy, so moving it around as needed is not as easy. It also takes up quite a lot of space, so it might not be ideal for a small office or study.

    Value for Money: Priced at a little less than two hundred dollars, this is another cheap converter for those who are looking for real value. 

    motiongrey desk converter

    Should you buy a standing desk convertor?

    In summary, transitioning to a healthier lifestyle at work can start in simple ways, and one of the most effective is to alternate between sitting and standing. Buying a standing desk converter is the first step to making that transition.

    With all the benefits that it offers over full standing desks, desk converters are among the most practical additions you can get for your home study or your office. And armed with a wealth of information on the factors you need to consider before you make the purchase, you should have no problem finding the right one that will meet your specific working needs.

    This simple transition can be all the shift you need towards living a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle. And if you’re ready for this positive and healthy transition, it’s time to start looking for the right standing desk converter for you. Browse our selection to find the right one and start living healthy today.

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