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Transitioning to a sit-stand lifestyle at work but not yet quite ready to give it a full go? Well, before you think about going for a complete workstation overhaul, you can start with small adjustments to test the experience and see how it would work for you. There are many ways to do this, and one of the first things would be to adjust your desk height and make it higher so that it’s easier to work while standing. 

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Most desks are designed for sitting, and adding some height may entail some ‘leg’ work. But, there are several options available to help you get the extra inches you need for your desk in order to achieve a comfortable standing height for you.

Reasons for Adjusting My Desk

Before you get on with the actual adjustment of your desk height, you must first identify your reason for doing so. Most people go into this project as part of a transition to a sit-stand or a standing work routine. This working setup has been seeing an increase in popularity during the recent years in an effort by most people to address the growing concerns about the current sedentary work culture.

Sitting for long hours takes a grave toll on the body, so much so that it is considered a workplace epidemic. And while most people’s movements are limited in the workplace, one of the easiest and most effective solutions for most computer-bound individuals is to work standing. And this is where the need for desk height adjustment comes in.

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How Can I Make My Desk Higher?

There are several things you can do to upgrade your desk and add a few inches to its height, each one with its pros and cons. Check some of the most common below to see which one will work best for your desk.


These are wooden or plastic implements that can catch the feet of your desk, working as extensions to lengthen the overall length of the desk legs. Each riser is shaped a bit wider than the legs of the desk, with a hollow socket that can accommodate the desk’s feet. 

Risers are often available in sets of 4 to cover all the desk legs. You will find risers of different heights, ranging from as short as 2 inches to as long as 8 inches. Some risers are also designed to be stackable, so you can even get more height as you need. These are also built with a well-furnished surface so that they won’t scratch the floor. And lastly, they’re designed to handle heavy weight.

The benefit offered by risers is that they’re not permanent. If you need to go back to your desk’s original height, you just take them off – like shoes that you can easily remove.

Bun Feet

These are much like the risers, except they often come in wood, are rounded in shape, and are usually available in pieces instead of sets.

Their main difference from risers is that they’re more permanent. They usually come with screws or are designed to accommodate screws. Attaching them to the legs of your desk entails screwing them into the feet. This makes for a more sturdy and steady hold, but taking them off when no longer needed is not as simple as with risers.

Because of this, attaching bun feet may also require some level of skill, or at least familiarity with tools such as electric drills.


Wooden Extensions

These extensions are for those times when risers or bun feet just won’t cut it. The desk legs may be much wider than the size of the average risers or bun feet, in which case you can’t add them because they won’t be as stable. In some instances, the added height you need may be much longer than average, or the table may be much heavier and require a more stable support. During these instances, you may need to customize.

This is when wooden extensions are a great option. You have the freedom to choose the height, the width, and even the design to achieve your desired results. However, this entails much work, more time, and a more advanced skill level. But while inexperienced individuals will most likely shy away from this kind of work, it’s a project that many experienced DIY woodworkers will enjoy.

New Legs

This is the ultimate fix if you want long-term, permanent height adjustment for your desk. It is rather simple, too. All you have to do is to remove the old legs and install a new one, and doing so does not require some complex process and skill. With a screwdriver and some screws, you’ll be all set. 

Just make sure that you get the right length of leg to achieve the ideal height that you need to comfortably work on your desk.

These four methods and materials are a good start to adjust the height of your desk. Once you’ve tried these and you’ve adjusted to your new standing work routine, you can consider investing in a higher quality standing desk or in an adjustable sit-stand desk. These are the next level options once you’ve finally decided to embrace this new and healthier lifestyle.

These desks can come in the form of a full desk that can be easily adjusted in height through a handle. They are easy to use, responsive, and versatile. Another design is a smaller desk that you can place above your old desk. It’s compact and space-saving, and it’s offered in various designs and with different features.

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The Importance of Proper Desk Height

Whichever way you go, what’s important is to ensure that you get the desk height right. The correct desk height will determine the following:

  • Your posture and the long-term effect on your spine
  • Your comfort and pain, or the absence thereof, depending on the amount of work the muscles have to do to compensate as you stand
  • Your fatigue and focus, which are affected by the level of comfort that your desk provides

A more comfortable work routine, a more focused and productive day at work, or a healthier overall lifestyle – these are possible with the right lifestyle changes, one at a time. Adjusting the height of your desk may be the first step for you, the step that will get you to finally break the habit of sitting for long hours.

Apart from the immediate benefits, adding some standing time at work can actually add more years to your life. And that can start today with a simple adjustment in your desk height. No matter which way you want to go, the important thing is you start now.

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