A Look at Turtleneck Syndrome and How a Standing Desk Can Prevent It

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Neck pain, discomfort on the upper back, stiffness of your shoulders—all of these are common symptoms of turtleneck syndrome. This is a rather new term coined by ergonomic and medical professionals, specifically referring to the pain and discomfort that people experience due to the habit of excessively looking down on a laptop when working or on a mobile phone when browsing social media.

Also called text next, tech neck, and nerd neck due to its association with computer work and phone use, the turtleneck syndrome is growing to be a leading cause of health problems and productivity killers among many individuals today. But don’t lose hope. This condition is triggered by lifestyle, and a change in lifestyle can easily alleviate the symptoms in their early stages.

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In the workplace, the standing desk is being touted as one of the most effective and most immediate solutions to the turtleneck syndrome. If you’re starting to feel the symptoms and you feel they are caused by work habits, you might want to consider getting a standing desk to address the pain and discomfort before they get worse.

Here’s how a standing desk can help alleviate pain from the Turtleneck Syndrome:

  • Setting the desk to the correct height can prevent forward head posture

When looking down on your laptop or mobile phone for hours, your head extends forward and your neck has to handle an extra amount of pressure to support the added weight caused by your extended head. The only sure way to give your neck some relief is by properly balancing your head on your neck and shoulders, without overextending your head by glancing down too much. So, get a desk and set it at the correct height, one that is comfortable and safe for your neck.

  • Standing promotes a more upright posture

Prolonged sitting exposes people to a higher likelihood of developing poor posture, such as slouching and other positions that compromise your body, including the neck. With the use of a standing desk, you can stand more. And, it’s been proven that people are more conscious of their posture when standing, which means the chances of having poor posture is reduced.

  • Constantly shifting between sitting and standing reduces likelihood of poor posture

Prolonged sitting makes a person more prone to slouching. Meanwhile, prolonged standing exposes a person to the likelihood of developing arched back or shoulders. And, both of these can happen for long hours without you noticing it. But, when you constantly shift between sitting and standing throughout the day, you can break free from poor posture and can constantly correct the way you sit and stand—just the habit of moving more can save you from back and neck strain as you move and stretch your muscles during the transition.

Choosing the Right Standing Desk to Prevent Turtleneck Syndrome

The one thing you want to prevent when addressing turtleneck syndrome is the overextending of the neck, which happens when you constantly look down on your laptop and phone. By investing in an adjustable standing desk, you can easily set it at a height that will allow you to work without looking down too much. Just be sure to get one with a height range that matches yours. Check our catalog to find great options.

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