Ask MotionGrey: What's the best way to keep an electric standing desk working well for a long time?

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Standing desks can last you for many years, as long as they are taken care of properly. If you’re thinking of getting a standing desk but are worried that maintenance might get overwhelming, worry not—these types of desk are relatively easy to care for and keep in good shape.

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When it comes to standing desks, two of the parts that get commonly damaged or worn over time are the table top and the motor. And while there is nothing you can do when it comes to the aging of these parts and the usual wear and tear that happens during their day-to-day use and operation, you can do something to prolong their lifespan and protect them from the usual damage they go through as you use the desk. Check out some tips below to help you care for your standing desk.

Guide to Standing Desk Care

Let’s start with the part of the desk that you see and interact with every day—the tabletop.

Regularly clean the top

Dust off regularly to keep your table top clean. In case there are stains due to liquid spills, use warm soapy water to clean and remove the spill. Remember not to use harsh chemicals in cleaning the table top, as these may damage the coating or paint.

If you have a wooden top, one other way to keep it in top shape is to wax the top at least every few months.

Handle scratches with care

When it comes to scratches, be gentle yet firm. Small scratches can be addressed by gentle buffing to even out the surface. However, for deep scratches, you may need to use a scratch cover or wood filler to fill in and even out the scratch.

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Apart from dealing with scratches, make sure to practice extra care in your use of the top to keep it in shape. For instance, one common cause of scratches is the absence of a mousepad. Moving your mouse across the top when working will definitely scratch the top surface in the long run, so make sure to provide a pad for your mouse. If you have other items on your desks, you can also add padding as an extra layer between them and the desk surface for protection.

No to liquid!

If you eat or drink on your desk while you work, chances are you’ll get some water or liquid on the table top one way or another. While most tops will be able to sustain small amounts of liquid as long as they are immediately wiped off afterwards, it’s never a good idea to spill on your desk top.

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If you cannot avoid having drinks on your desk, make sure to protect the desk by using coasters. And as soon as you notice a spill, wipe it off right away with a clean and dry cloth.

Next to the table top, you also want to take care of your motor. Once it malfunctions, the standing desk loses whatever advantage it has over your regular desk. Fortunately, caring for the motor is simple.

Do not overload the desk

Each desk has a specific weight limit capacity, and users are advised to never go beyond that limit. Some desks have a feature that stops them from working when it senses that the desk is overloaded. So if your desk suddenly stops, check if overloading is the problem.

When purchasing a new desk, make sure to look into its weight capacity so you know the limit on what you can place on the desk.

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Avoid liquid spills on the motor

Standing desk motors are so much more susceptible to damage when spilled with liquid, so make sure to avoid having liquid nearby. Remove any liquid on top of the desk when the desk is moving to prevent possible spills.


The good news: most motor issues can be solved by doing a reset

Standing desks are built with sensitivity features that shut them off during certain conditions—this is to protect the desk and its parts from damage.

An example would be the overloading condition mentioned above. Another part of this feature is the control box—after it has been operating for a certain amount of time, it shuts off and goes into rest mode to prevent overheating. In this case, all you have to do is wait for around 20 minutes; it will turn back on after its period of rest. If it doesn’t, then simply reset the desk.

For many of your standing desk problems, you’ll find the manual handy in addressing certain technical issues. Make sure you keep the manual with you for future simple fixes.

Not so complicated, right? Keeping your desk in top shape starts with simple and basic care habits.

Now, if you’re ready to find the right standing desk for you, it’s time to start shopping! You’ll find lots of options available in the market, all with different features. Check what suits you best depending on your need and space.

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