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Looking for the right standing desk for your workspace? The market will show you so many desk choices than you can probably consider—you won’t lack for options, though the high number of choices can get confusing.

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We’re here to help! Here we’ll highlight top features to look out for when shopping for a new desk and a review of the desks with these features built in them. Let’s get started!

What Features Should You Look for in Standing Desks?

If you’ve been looking for standing desk options, you probably have a basic idea of the desk you want for your space—the built of the top and the frame, the power of the motor operating the desk, as well as the additional features that make standing and sitting while working easy and fun.

Here, we’ll share a few more features worth checking and a review of some of the top desks that have these appealing features.

Weight-Carrying Capacity | Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

When looking for a standing desk you can rely on, it’s not enough for the top and the frame to be tough and of great quality. You also need a desk that can handle and carry all the office equipment and supplies that you have—your computer and monitor, a printer, and other office equipment. The higher the weight capacity of your desk, the better.

Jarvis Standing Desk

The Jarvis Standing Desk stands out for its eco-friendly and unique bamboo top, which comes with UV-cured, polyurethane coating that makes it damage-resistant. There are also different other shades to choose from, made using eco-friendly coating.

Apart from this, the Jarvis desk is one of the desks in the industry with the highest weight-carrying capacity at 350 lbs. It can handle a lot more than many desks can, and this is crucial if you have quite a number of equipment on your desk.

Sensitivity Settings | MotionGrey Standing Desk

When shopping for a new standing desk, most people look into the speed and sound of the desk movement as one of the top considerations—the faster and the quieter the desk, the better. But, features like anti-collision are equally important. They protect the desk from damage and ensure the safety of the area surrounding it, which is especially helpful if you have other equipment around.

MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk is built with a strong anti-collision feature, with three sensitivity settings to choose from, all of which easy to set. This feature stops the desk from moving up or down once it detects an object above or below it.

Other than this, the MotionGrey desk stands out for being one of the desks that can accommodate short users. A lot has been mentioned about high desks for tall people, but there is not much said about low desks for those in the shorter range. With a range from as low as 23.6" to as high as 49", this desk caters to users of various heights.

Child Lock Feature | Ergonofis Standing Desk

One additional safety feature you want to look into when shopping for standing desks is the child lock feature, especially if the desk will be installed in a family home with kids. It prevents any potential accident while protecting your space from damage.

Ergonofis Standing Desk

The Ergonofis Standing Desk is not only premium but also has safety primary in its design. Its one-touch adjustment keys are perfect for both keeping you and your kids safe and for easy access and convenience.

Apart from this, Ergonofis is one of the desks out there that caters to users of the taller side, with height reaching up to 50 inches.

Style | Evodesk Standing Desk

When shopping for a desk, we look for function and efficiency, but we also want to look for style and aesthetics. Sometimes, we find ourselves sacrificing one for the other, but we don’t need to do that—we just need to find just the right one that provides perfect balance between the two.

The Evodesk Standing Desk is one of the desks in the market that’s gotten the right mix between balance and function.

Let’s take a look at the desk top. The top is finished with a special coating, which does not only provide a standout look but also gives the top a textured surface that is much like a giant mousepad—both stylish and practical. It’s concave edge also gives it a smooth, curvy look, but it also serves a function. It allows users to sit closer to the desk and have everything within reach in comfort.

Extra Connectivity | Tresanti Standing Desk

Tresanti Standing Desk

Need all your devices within reach and functioning in full capacity while you work on your desk? Look for a standing desk with built-in ports for charging your devices. This way, you can keep everything in one place and can better manage all your cables.

The Tresanti Standing Desk provides great value for its price. It comes at just the right size—not too big but enough to hold the essentials. It comes with three USB ports for other devices, all easily accessible and perfect for charging them and having them within reach while you work.

The controls are another nice touch, with glass buttons and display that shows the desk height while it is moving.

So, which features do you need most right now? Some desks will have many of these features in one setup—check which is most relevant and useful for you, compare and read standing desk reviews, and see which gives the most value in terms of price and quality. Happy shopping!

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