Ask MotionGrey: Which is a Better Investment—An Office Chair or a Gaming Chair?

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So you’re ready to build your workspace.

You found the perfect space, invested in a high-quality desk, and now you’re in the market for an office chair to complete the initial set-up. But which chair do you get? With the plethora of options in the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

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You will likely find two types of chairs that will surface in your research—office chair and gaming chair. One for office use, another for gaming use… But not really. The truth is, both can be used interchangeably, especially if you do both activities. But which do you invest in? Here we’ll share information on three key aspects to consider to help you make the decision.

Three Factors to Check When Deciding Between an Office Chair and a Gaming Chair


From head to back and legs—the right ergonomic chair will fully support and protect your body.

lumbar cushion

Both types of chair are built with a backrest that supports the natural curve of your spine, helping you maintain good posture as you sit. However, if you want extra support, you will find that in the extra lumbar padding that often comes with gaming chairs

When it comes to headrests, you can find these in both types of chair. They’re usually included in gaming chairs in the form of an additional cushion. In office chairs, you will have to specifically choose a model with a headrest, either fixed or adjustable.

waterfall seat

The main seat is another thing to consider, and one where office chairs excel. Many are designed with a waterfall seat, which offers support to the back of the legs, thereby relieving pressure on the spine. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, often come with a bucket seat, which does not offer any practical benefit—it is merely a design aligned with the actual seats of racecars, more for style than function.


Gaming chairs take the cake here.

gaming chair

The extra cushions they come with—for the back, the head, the neck—are perfect for those who want extra support. When it comes to the range of recline, gaming chairs also offer more here compared to office chairs. The same advantage can be said when it comes to the design of gaming chairs in terms of upholstery. They are offered in a wider variety of colors, perfect for spicing up a rather dull-looking space.

And because gaming chairs are primarily built for gaming, they often come with extra features such as Bluetooth speakers to allow users to immerse in their games more fully, as well as vibrating features imitating movements in the game. These are all designed for gaming, but you can definitely enjoy them while you work.

Because of all these features, however, most gaming chairs are heavier and bulkier compared to office chairs, which are sleek and light. So, you might want to consider the space you have before investing in them.


For some people, this can be the deciding factor, and there is a significant price difference between office chairs and gaming chairs.

Generally, gaming chairs have way more features compared to office chairs, so they can easily range double the price of office chairs. Does that mean they are a better investment for you?

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That depends. When investing in a chair, consider not only the price range but how much use you will get out of the chair and its features.

If you’re someone who will use the chair every once in a while and you’re not really into gaming, then it doesn’t make sense to invest in a gaming chair. However, if you’re into gaming and or if you see yourself spending long hours in your chair, then a gaming chair might be a good investment.

You can check out options HERE, compare prices and features, and then make your decision. Here’s to hoping you find the best deal! And to help you out a little with that, check out our MotionGrey IG page to stay updated on our ongoing deals and promos.


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