Celebrating our Heroes on Remembrance Day (Exclusive Offer Inside)

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Happy Remembrance Day!

happy remembrance day

In honor of all those who offered their service and life for country and countrymen, we look back and remember with gratitude and pride.

The MotionGrey team is one with you in celebrating our heroes who made a brighter, better world possible for all of us. And, we invite everyone to take part in the celebration by carrying on the torch of patriotism not only on Remembrance Day but every day.

Let us take 2 minutes of silence to remember the fallen and the sacrifices they made.

Let us continue to support our veterans by offering gifts of time, sincere efforts to help, and even our resources to help make their life better.

Let us continue the fight for a better country and a better world by doing our part as responsible citizens, making life better for our countrymen and community.

We wish you all a meaningful Remembrance Day.

remembrance day

Exclusive Offer

In celebration of this special occasion, MotionGrey launches its exclusive #MGHeroicDeal 1-day campaign on Remembrance Day. For every purchase made on November 11, MotionGrey will donate $10 to The Poppy Fund in support of Canada’s veterans and their families.


Enjoy 10% off on all your favorite MotionGrey products on November 11—just use the voucher code REMEMBER upon checkout. Visit our MotionGrey IG page to learn more!

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