Best Desk Chair for Back Pain: Top Picks and Reviews

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Back pain causing problems in your health and productivity at work? It’s time to ditch your old office chair and get a new one. Find the best desk chair for back pain to reclaim your health, increase your productivity, and enhance your overall wellbeing in the office.

When looking for a new chair, there are several factors you may want to consider to help you find the perfect one for you, from size and style to adjustability and cost. In this post, we’ll outline our top picks when it comes to desk chairs, highlighting the features that have made them to the top of our list.

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Top 5 Desk Chairs for Back Pain

Check out the following options and see if you can find the best desk chair for back pain that will work well for you:

Humanscale Freedom Chair

The feature we love most about the Humanscale Chair is its self-adjusting mechanism, one of the very few similar features you will find in the office chair market today. Depending on your body’s position, the chair automatically adjusts to provide you with the lumbar support that you need—you won’t have to keep manually adjusting it. It also comes with sufficient adjustability in terms of height and tilt, with tandem armrests that are among its unique features.

This chair has a solid but lightweight built, and its minimalist design allows it to perfectly blend in any workspace. However, be ready to spend some serious cash if you’re investing in this chair because all of its high-end features come with a hefty price tag that can go over a thousand bucks.

MotionGrey Motion SpaceMesh Office Chair

The SpaceMesh Chair is one of our leading office chairs, a crowd favorite because of its modern design and adjustability features. From the five lockable recline points to the adjustable seat base, this chair will allow you a lot of customization options to help you get complete support no matter what sitting position you assume. 

The key feature that makes the SpaceMesh chair stand out from similar chairs of its kind is its patented Space 1Touch Mechanism that accommodates and places all the chair controls in one easily accessible spot. And, all these you can enjoy at a price that is only a little over 500 dollars.

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Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller has been in the chair business for far longer than many of today’s ergonomic furniture companies, and it offers high-end chairs for various types of users. Most of its chairs stand out not only because of their features but because of the sustainable materials they’re made of. The Aeron Chair, for instance, is built from 50% recyclable materials that include ocean-bound plastic.

In terms of features and functionality, the Aeron chair boasts of its combination of smart weight distribution technology and Harmonic 2 Tilt, a combo that allows it to provide the right amount of recline to give its users optimum comfort and support. However, like the Humanscale Freedom Chair, this comes at a hefty price tag that goes over $1000.

Motion Airglide Office Chair

A high level of comfort in any sitting position and working environment—this is the promise of the Airglide chair. Its smooth pneumatics system allows easy and swift adjustment. Meanwhile, the breathable mesh fabric ensures a cool working environment. 

Apart from comfort, the chair is specifically designed to help your body function at its best. It has a seat base and foam cushion that promotes blood circulation and reduces fatigue. Its recline feature is also designed to reduce compressive stress on your joints, taking care of your spine throughout hours of sitting. And, all of these you can enjoy at only a little over $600.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The unique proposition that the Gabrylly chair offers is its construction, which is designed to help its users maintain a neutral posture, allowing them to stay in a natural, relaxed position. The chair does this by allowing users a broad range of motion, thanks to its lumbar support and its adjustable armrests and seat. A combination of a big mesh seat and breathable fabric also makes this chair very comfortable to use. 

Plus, it has a pair of flip up armrests that easily get out of the way to easily tuck the chair under the desk or to simply allow you more unrestricted movement. The Gabrylly Chair is also offered at a little over $500.

Ready to shop for a new chair and say goodbye to back pain? Find the best desk chair for back pain from any of the items outlined in our list and upgrade your sitting experience for more comfort, added support, and increased wellbeing at work. Start your shopping right here and browse our catalog for top chair options!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What considerations should I look into when shopping for the best desk chair for back pain?
  • There are several factors to check when shopping for a desk chair that will address your back pain. Some of these are the following:

    • Your body. The first thing to consider is the build of your body, as this will determine the dimensions of the chair to get.
    • The space you have. Some chairs are bulkier than others, especially when we compare leather and mesh chairs. Meanwhile, other chairs are minimalist in design. Check your space to determine which chair is right.
    • The activities you do in your chair. Will you use the chair solely for work? Or are you also using it as a gaming chair? If you are, find a chair that will suit both activities.

    How much should I spend reasonably for a good ergonomic chair?

    There are so many chair options in the market today, the price ranging from as low as ~$150 to as high as over $1000. When considering the amount to spend on a chair, look into the features. Chairs on the lower price range are generally simpler with basic adjustment features, lacking such parts as a headrest. The adjustability features may not be as varied as well. Meanwhile, the more costly chairs will have more features, some of which you may find you do not actually need. 

    Find a chair somewhere in the mid-range. There are chairs ranging from $500 to $600 that have sufficient features for back pain relief.

    How long is a sufficient warranty for an office chair?

    Most office chairs come with 2 years warranty, the same one we offer with our chairs here in MotionGrey. There are others that are offered with longer warranty at an extra cost, from 5 years to as long as 12 years. When considering the chair warranty, don’t forget to check how you will be using the chair. Daily office use will not require a very long warranty. But, if you will be using the chair under more stringent conditions, then a longer warranty may be advisable.

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