Lower Back Pain from Sitting at Desk: Tips for Relief

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Experiencing more frequent lower back pain from sitting at your desk? We hear you. And you’re not alone. In fact, about 540 million people around the world suffer from back pain at any given point. And with more and more individuals getting office work these days, this number is only expected to increase in the coming years.

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The good news is—back pain is manageable. With the right improvements in your work lifestyle, you can easily say goodbye to this condition and enjoy pain-free days at work. 

5 Ways to Get Relief from Back Pain

Below, we have outlined 5 of the easiest solutions you can adapt and incorporate into your lifestyle in order to eliminate back pain problems.

Alternate between sitting and standing at work

This is a habit we’ve always sworn by. Prolonged sitting is one of the top causes of back pain. And while there used to be no way around that, the invention of standing desks has brought a silver lining in workplace health. With standing desks, you can break the habit of prolonged sitting and start alternating between standing and sitting as you work. In the process, you get to engage your muscles and enjoy some pain relief.

Stretch and exercise

Once you’ve started with standing, the next step will be to add more movement to your day. And this doesn’t have to entail extra time and effort—you can do simple stretches and exercises on your desk just so you can flex and relax those back muscles. This will greatly help alleviate pain. 

Take frequent breaks

This doesn’t mean you should abandon your work in the middle of the day. This means you must find small and easy ways to move at work, and one of the most effective is to get up from your chair and take small breaks to give your back a chance to stretch. These could be as simple as the following:

  • Getting up from your chair to walk to the water cooler
  • Approaching and talking to a colleague personally instead of calling them
  • Positioning the waste basket somewhere far off in the room so you have to walk to it when throwing away trash
  • Standing up and walking around your space when talking on the phone

These are small habits, but they will go a long way in keeping your back active and engaged.

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Mind your posture

Proper posture is something we have all been taught as early as childhood… And, it turns out, for good reason. Bad posture is one of the leading causes of back pain, and today’s modern workplaces and modern recreational habits (more time spent in front of the TV, spending hours gaming, etc.) tend to worsen posture problems in most people. 

By being intentional and mindful of your posture, you can avoid not only back pain but also the long-term side effects of sitting in unnatural positions.

Use a lumbar support cushion

The chair you use will often determine the level of comfort you experience as you work. Experiencing lower back pain from sitting at a desk can be an indication that your chair is not giving you enough support and that you need more. This is where a lumbar support cushion is helpful. It is a simple cushion that you get as an add on to your chair in order to give your back much needed support and relief. 

A lumbar support cushion will follow the shape of your spine so that you remain in your most natural position while you are seated. This means comfort and support, leading to a better day at work.

How MotionGrey Can Help You

In this post, we’ve talked about developing healthy habits to eliminate lower back pain. Part of the overall solution to back pain is the use of the right ergonomic furniture in your workspace—standing desks to help you easily alternate between sitting and standing as you work, adjustable chairs to give your back the support it needs, as well as ergonomic accessories like the lumbar support cushion (and more) to ensure that you have everything you need to work in a healthy space.

MotionGrey offers a wide range of ergonomic furniture, from electric standing desks to ergonomic chairs and accessories, all designed to help you break your sedentary habits and to start a healthier lifestyle at work. All of our products are designed with high quality, most of which are made from sustainable and durable materials. Check our catalog to find a variety of options for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some helpful exercises I can do in my desk to eliminate back pain?
  • There are several upper body exercises and lower body exercises that you can do on your desk to alleviate back pain. Some of these are back stretches, standing desk push ups, neck rolls, toe touch, and cat-cow poses. You may check this post for more exercises and the steps.

  • What are some bad postures I need to avoid when seated?
  • The most common incorrect posture that individuals assume when seated are hunching and slouching. The former causes the overcurving of the upper back due to weakening of the muscles in the said area. Meanwhile, the latter causes the tightening of several muscles in the body and especially harms the lower back.

    Apart from these, forward head can be caused by spending long hours in front of a computer and can lead to what is called the tech neck syndrome, a condition that causes pain on the neck, shoulders, upper back, and the head.

  • How much does a good lumbar support cushion cost?
  • Depending on the design of the cushion, the cost often ranges from about $30 to $100. Some lumbar support cushions can come in the form of simple roller pillows, whereas others are shaped like the back of your ergonomic chair. Find one that will complement your existing chair and give you the complete support you need.

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