Building a Morning Routine to Boost Your Productivity & Creativity

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Mornings can make or break your day. Each time you wake up, you are given an opportunity to start anew and set the course of your day by building habits that are healthy for your mind, body, and spirit. So how do you maximize your mornings? Establish a morning routine, a formula so to speak, that leads to a productive and creative day.


What Makes Up a Good Morning Routine?

There is no fixed formula to this, but there are some surefire way to get you going. Feel free to pick from the list, or tweak some of the items that may not be applicable to you.

Wake up early

There is something refreshing and calming when you are able to wake up while the world still sleeps—it provides a sense of space all to yourself where you can do the most important things for your day. Set an alarm and wake up early so you can have some time for yourself before the busyness of your day start. Use this extra time to set your day for success.

wake up early

Make your bed

You’ve heard this before, and this is true. Productivity is fueled by accomplishment, and making your bed in the morning provides you with a small sense of accomplishment at having done something useful, and it’s a good boost to keep yourself focused and keep your eye on the goal. After all, big things always start small.

Drink water

Hydrate for health. Drinking water in the morning upon waking up will help flush toxins out of your body while replenishing the fluid in your body. It is also helpful is making you feel full so you don’t overeat and you’re able to control your cravings.



This can be done in as short as a minute to as long as an hour, depending on how much time you have in the morning. Avoid the temptation of connecting to social media right after you wake up—the noise outside will likely drown your own inner voice. Instead, meditate. Notice the present—the noise you’re hearing, the feelings inside you and where they are coming from… Awaken your senses and look in. Listen to your inner compass and let it guide you throughout the day.

Plan your day

You want to make sure you live your day intentionally, not simply letting the flow take you where it will. And to do that, you need to plan your day—to accomplish the most important things, give attention to various areas of your life and ensure you’re not neglecting an area in favor of another. Creating a list of to dos is one of the most effective ways to do this. Create a checklist and tick off each item as you accomplish each. At the end of the day, review your list. A list with all items ticked off will give you a sense of achievement and help you realize that your day has not gone to waste, no matter how things have turned out.



Take care of your body by constantly moving. If you have time, exercise in the gym or at home. Run before or after you start your workday. If you don’t have much time, then walk to the office if that it at all possible. Or, keep moving at work by taking time to get up from your desk every hour to stretch and walk. Even better, make standing a part of your work day by alternative between sitting and standing while you work on your computer. A standing desk can make this easy. The important thing is for you to move, move, move!

Do something that makes you happy

Does music give you a boost? Listen to your favorite songs in the morning. Or, draw, write, or read—do something that you love, something that connects you with your source of inner joy. Awaken the bliss in you and hold onto it throughout the day.


Eat breakfast

It might be tempting to skip breakfast when you’re running late, and there are days when it’s unavoidable, but limit skipping breakfast as much as possible. Breakfast will fuel your body so that you’ll be able to do everything you’ve planned to do for the day. It will affect your mood, your mental stamina, and your overall energy.

Morning routines are among the primary secrets to a successful life—a buildup of habits that are healthy and nourishing. Find the routine that works for you best and stick with it.

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