Creating an Eco-Friendly Workspace this 2022

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The world could use a little less waste. And while waste reduction and environmental sustainability sound like such big goals to aim for, there are things we can do to help create a more eco-friendly environment. Why not make it one of your goals this year? Start with the spaces around you.


In this post, we’ll focus on creating an eco-friendly workspace, whether at the office or at home. And you don’t need to do a complete overhaul. No matter what state your space is, you can introduce one change at a time.

How to make your workspace more eco-friendly?

Below are 5 ways to go greener in your workspace this year. We’ve chosen very easy ways that will cost little to nothing to implement—except time and commitment.

Say goodbye to paper

We’ve been reiterating this in some of our previous posts because paper remains one of the biggest sources of trash in many workspaces. But it doesn’t need to be, especially now that we have computers and creating a soft copy of a file is as simple as pressing the “Save” button. Check which of the paper you have in your workspace you can do away with. Your magazine subscription? Your paper bills? Your files? Say goodbye to paper and reduce clutter in your space.


Bring in reusable items

From utensils to mugs, having these within reach will minimize the need for disposable items in your space. Scan your workspace and look for disposable items that you constantly find yourself using. When you do, make it your goal to replace these items with their reusable counterpart, one at a time, until you have fully eliminated all the disposable items in your space.


Choose a spot with natural lighting

Natural lighting can boost your mood while working. Find a space near a window and set up your workspace there—you save not only on electricity but also benefit from an enhanced wellbeing. In case you don’t have space near a window that can accommodate your office desk and chair, another way to maximize the natural light available in your space is to paint your walls with a lighter color. You can also add mirrors to reflect and bounce off the light in the space.

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Switch off electronic devices

…When not in use, and especially after your day is done. While leaving your computer in sleep mode might be more convenient for when you’re booting it up the following day, the energy you waste piles up day after day. Make it a habit to turn off devices not only after working hours but whenever the device is not going to be used for a few hours. This will not only save on energy but also keep your devices in top shape.

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Pick what you add to your space

On one hand, going green means reducing the use of whatever is unnecessary, whatever is excess and taking a toll on the environment. On the other hand, it also means being intentional about everything you add to your space. Go for equipment that are both functional and stylish, from the chairs you choose to the decorative items on your desk. Pick equipment that can serve multiple purpose, such as a standing desk that you can use sitting or standing. Carefully select what you add so you can save on space and avoid unnecessary clutter and trash.

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An eco-friendly workspace will benefit not only your performance at work but also your overall wellness. Take step by step, follow our guide above, and you'll be living greener this year.

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