Building an Ergonomic Workplace: Why You Should Start Thinking About It

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Ergonomics has started gaining attention among employees and in various workplaces over the recent years, and for good reason. Research shows it has far-ranging effects among individuals, and that most of those affected are employees who spend a considerable amount of their time working in front of a desk.

Should you be concerned as an employer and business owner, too? The answer is yes. Poor ergonomics is proving to be costing companies more than business owners think. In this post, we share why you should start thinking about improving ergonomics in your workplace.

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The Benefits of Ergonomics in the Workplace

Ergonomics is all about the design of the environment in which people move in, which affects their efficiency and wellbeing. In an office, it means the set-up of the physical office—from the arrangement and quality of the desks and chairs, the lighting and ventilation, and the way all machines are set up for office use, among others.

Now, why keep everything ergonomic?

An ergonomic workplace keeps employees healthy, thus fewer sick days and less company expense

Back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome are some of the most common health problems encountered by today’s employees, and these are caused by poor workplace ergonomics. And not only does this cause absences but can also cost employees on healthcare benefits. In fact, a study found out that back pain alone costs employers upwards of $7B annually, and that’s only for employees between 40 to 65 years old.

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An ergonomic workplace increases employee productivity

When an employee is comfortable—when he is using an ergonomic chair that fully supports his weight or a standing desk that enables him to alternate between sitting and standing while working—he is able to focus on his tasks well without the distraction caused by pain and discomfort. Not only does he finish his tasks faster but he also completes them with fewer mistakes. In fact, a study by Blue Cross Blue Shield found a 4.4% increase in employee productivity after ergonomic improvements in a workplace.

This also results in happier and more motivated employees, who are likely to stay longer in their jobs—saving employers from costs associated with hiring and training.

An ergonomic workplace can create a positive work culture

Building a highly functioning team takes time and effort, and at the root of it is establishing a mutually beneficial setup that will promote overall employee wellbeing and company growth. When employees feel they are taken care of, that the company they work for is invested in them and in their wellbeing and not only concerned with making profit, employees reciprocate by doing their best in the job and going an extra mile to meet and even exceed expectations. They talk about their organization with pride and take ownership of their work.

It can take some time to achieve this sweet spot for employers, but one way to get there is to take care of the employees’ health by providing them with an ergonomic working environment that will keep them healthy and safe. Building an ergonomic workplace is an investment that will pay off returns in the long run.

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So how do you set up an ergonomic workplace?

Well, in building an ergonomic workplace, some questions to consider are the following:

  • Are the office equipment designed to promote good posture and encourage movement, reducing sedentary lifestyle among employees?
  • Is it easy and safe for employees to reach for things and move in their space?
  • Does the physical setup of the workplace promote general wellbeing?
  • Does the workplace get enough lighting and ventilation?
  • Are the equipment used conducive to people's health?

Take a closer look at these questions and see how you can address them, maybe one at a time, until you fully build an ergonomic workplace for your employees.

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