[Valentine Special] Practicing Self-Love at Work

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Happy Valentine’s Day, MotionGrey family!

We hope that you’re spending the day in the company of loved ones, surrounded by warmth and joy. Valentine’s Day is usually a day of lovers, but we acknowledge that there are different kinds of love, and each kind must be celebrated on this special day. In this post, we’ll focus on a specific kind of love that most people do not really think about on Valentine’s Day—self love.

self love

They say we can only give what we have, so it makes sense that we must prioritize loving ourselves first so we can adequately love others, too. There are many ways to love ourselves, but how do we do that when we are at work, faced with tasks and deadlines? This blog post will share some tips.

How to Love Yourself at Work?

Self-love and work might not initially appear like they go hand in hand, but they do—if you develop the right mindset. Check out 5 of our tips below.

Always do your best

Doing your best at work might initially look like it benefits only the company you’re working for, but the truth is that it benefits you, too. Doing your best at the office helps propel you towards growth, developing in you a mindset of excellence that stays in you beyond the office.

go for it

There is nothing more fulfilling than shutting down your laptop at the end of the day knowing you have been productive and have delivered all of your tasks for the day, some of them way in advance of the deadline. It’s good for your mind and good for your soul, and it keeps the fire of passion burning within you. So, love yourself by being the best you at work!

Find purpose in what you do

The happiest people at work are those who know and understand exactly why they are doing what they do. That is, apart from the monetary compensation that they receive. Happy people follow their heart, and they find work that is aligned with their values, their passion, and their purpose.

passion led us here

What if the work you do is not aligned with your passion? Well, no matter what your work is, you can still find purpose in it. At the very least, it can be an avenue for learning, to prepare you for the next step. And no matter where you are, you can continue to uphold the values that you believe in.

take a break

Take a break

The first two points talk about giving it your all, but we acknowledge that life at the office is not about working yourself to exhaustion. You need to maintain the right balance between work and play, so you need rest.

Never skip lunch (and avoid lunch meetings as much as you can). Insert small fun times in between work, no matter what that means for you. Whether that means checking your social media feeds, having a small chat with a colleague, or going out to breathe some fresh air, do something to give your body and mind a break so you can get back to work refreshed and with renewed energy.

Combat sedentary lifestyle

Self-love means staying healthy, and this entails fighting the most common cause of health problems at work—staying in front of the computer and in your seat for too long without a break, slouching, or sitting with improper posture. You may not feel it now, but these have long-term consequences.

Break your sedentary habits by getting up from your chair regularly. Do stretches and small walks around the office (or outside, if you can—fresh air will do you good). Stand while you work—get a standing desk to easily move from sitting to standing as you work on your computer. These can increase movement and help you stay healthy at work.

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Love yourself by loving others

Contradictory? Not really. Because we usually spend most of our waking day at work, how our day goes is usually determined by how our ‘work’ day goes. And, how our day at work turns out is largely influenced by our office relationships. Work conflicts can be a great source of stress, so it’s important to take some time to get to know our colleagues and work towards developing a good relationship with them.

office colleagues

Friendships at work can also be among the most fulfilling, so find someone you click with or share the same interests with and see if you can be friends with that person. This makes going to work so much more fun.

There you go! We hope these tips are helpful to making work a happier, better place for you, and we hope you can apply them in other areas of your life, too. Have a great valentine celebration! 😊  

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