Can Under Desk Walking Pads Incline?

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Are you in the market looking for a portable walking pad you can use in your home office? Under desk walking pads have risen in popularity over the years because of the need to combat sedentary lifestyle at work. And now, in both offices and homes, you will find more and more individuals investing in under desk walking pads and learning to incorporate exercise into their daily work schedule.

If your work involves long hours of sitting and you’ve started alternating between sitting and standing with a standing desk, the next best move would be to get a portable walking pad and try walking while working.

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A Look at Under Desk Walking Pads vs. Regular Treadmills

Both the under desk walking pads and treadmills have the same basic function—you step on them, you turn the equipment on, the belt moves, and now you can walk in place. So what’s the difference, you may ask? The most obvious difference is in the size and design. A treadmill is bigger and bulkier. Meanwhile, an under desk walking pad is slimmer, handier, and more portable. A walking pad is designed for daily use and for smaller spaces. It has basic similarities with a treadmill, but there are treadmill features that a portable walking pad doesn’t always carry—such as the incline. Walking pad design prioritizes portability over this feature.

Incline in Walking Pad: An Optional Feature

Under desk walking pads are equipped with a wide range of features that will help any user move more whether at work or at home. However, there are features that take top priority over the traditional features of a treadmill and other features that become optional. One of the features that are optional in walking pads is incline. The walking pad design revolves around its size—smaller and handier, but to achieve this, the incline feature has to be sacrificed.

Incline pertains to the elevation angle of a surface you are walking on. Walking on a flat surface feels like walking on any regular street, and you can do that leisurely. However, add an incline and it gives you the experience and feel of climbing—the angle will determine how tough the climb will be and how much calories you’ll burn. Most treadmills have this feature. Unfortunately, walking pad design does not always accommodate incline.

Does this mean all under desk walking pads do not carry an incline feature? Well, not necessarily. There are a few under desk walking pads that do have an incline feature, but on a limited capacity. For instance, most treadmills have an incline of 10% to 15%. Meanwhile, an incline walking pad will usually have the incline angle at a maximum of 5%. However, despite lacking in the department of incline, the walking pad sports many other features that easily complement whatever the pad lacks due to incline limitations.

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Other Portable Walking Pad Features that Complement Lack of Incline

From internal to external features, the walking pad is in no way inferior to a regular treadmill. In fact, it sports quite a few number of features that are preferable over a treadmill in certain instances. Take a look at the following:

A Quieter Motor and Operation

Most under desk walking pads are designed with a motor that operate on a whisper-quiet level, perfect for those who need to concentrate and focus on their work while walking. No noise, no distraction, so you can remain productive both at work and in terms of your health.

Adjustable Speed Range

Sure, the maximum speed of a portable walking pad cannot compare to the speed of a regular treadmill. However, most under desk walking pads offer a decent speed that will allow you to vary your exercise—from a leisurely walk to a light jog or run, a good way to keep your walking pad routine exciting while giving you various levels of muscle engagement and capacity for calorie burning. When choosing among different under desk walking pads, go for one with the right speed range, one that meets your fitness goals and your capability.

Shock Absorption

Exercise always works best with proper balance. And in the use of a portable walking pad, this means being able to burn calories and engage your muscles without overdoing it and harming your body. To help you achieve this, under desk walking pads are equipped with layers of belt that do not only keep them durable and long-lasting but also absorb and reduce impact on your joints while you walk or run. This feature is especially helpful for users with joint issues or those looking to minimize the risk of injury.

Foldability and Portability

This is the top selling point of under desk walking pads, and the main reason they are preferred for daily use in offices and home offices. They are slim, so they are easy to store and to carry around with you. Under desk walking pads often come in two designs: the slim pad that you can easily store under your couch, bed, or standing desk after use and the foldable walking pad that you can simply fold into two after use for easy safekeeping. Some under desk walking pads also come with wheels, so it’s easy to move them around. Walking pad portability provides an edge in that it saves a lot of space, making the pad ideal for use in smaller rooms.

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Display Console

The most effective walking pad routine involves the intentional design of exercise and rhythm that will give your body the best results. And to achieve this, you need to be equipped with the right information. The user-friendly display console in under desk walking pads will help you track your workout progress. This console provides information such as speed, distance, time, and calories burned to help you keep going.

Built-in Exercise Programs

Do you know that some under desk walking pads come with over 10 pre-set workout programs to help you diversify your exercise routine? This does not only ensure variety so that you don’t get bored with your workout, but this also ensures that you get the right exercise for each specific fitness goal that you set.

Adjustment in Incline

Walking pad design does not remove incline altogether, only limits it. With an incline in a walking pad, you can simulate the experience of walking uphill or downhill. This is another feature that adds variety to your workout and can help target different muscle groups. But as mentioned, incline in walking pad design is mostly optional. So if this is really important to you, then do a careful check and consideration of your options before you make any purchase.

Safety Features

Many under desk walking pads come with features such as emergency stop buttons and safety clips to guarantee a safer workout experience. A few walking pads also have a retractable handle bar that you can hold onto to help you keep your balance as you walk, jog, or run.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

This is a feature you will find in more modern under desk walking pads. This allows you to sync your workout data with fitness apps or track your progress on your smartphone. Some walking pads also come with built-in speaker, and you can connect your phone to the device so you can watch music and movie apps while doing your exercise.

Quite a lot of features for a portable exercise machine, don’t you think? And, all of these easily make up for not prioritizing incline in walking pad design. And then of course, if you really want incline in your walking pad, you’ll find good options available. Just make sure you choose the right portable walking pad according to your specific needs. Good luck!


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