Can Walking Pads Fit Under the Couch?

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Do you want to invest in a practical exercise equipment but do not have enough space in your home or office? Worry not, there are options available for you! Have you considered investing in walking pads? Walking pads are built like your average treadmills, but they are portable and compact in design, perfect for small spaces.


These small treadmills have risen in popularity during the recent years because of the need to combat sedentary lifestyle, especially among employees whose work involves sitting in front of the computer for long hours. In fact, these days, it’s not unusual to pair a small walking pad with a standing desk and to see someone walking on a walking pad while working on their desk. This appears to be one of the top solutions to increase the rate of movement among many individuals.

The Benefits of Walking Pads

Using a small walking pad offers a lot of benefits—for your health and for your space. Take a look at the following benefits:

Benefits for Your Health

Walking pads work like treadmills, so they offer the same benefits:

  • They encourage movement and help you reach your target number of steps for the day
  • They contribute to weight loss and help with weight management
  • They lower the risks associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary problems, and musculoskeletal conditions (including certain cancers)
  • They maintain healthy blood and oxygen circulation in the body
  • They increase focus and productivity and improve overall mood

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Benefits for Your Space

Although walking pads work like treadmills, they are not as bulky and heavy. Today, you can easily find a small walking pad that is ideal for a small space, including a slim walking pad that can easily fit in tight spaces when you store them. Check out the following:

  • A small walking pad can easily go under your standing desk when not in use, so it won’t crowd your space.
  • You will also find a slim walking pad that can be readily stored under a couch or a bed after use, keeping it not only out of reach but also out of sight—no clutter, no stress.
  • Apart from a slim walking pad, a foldable small walking pad is another option. After using it, simply fold it into two so that it won’t take up much space as you store it.

A Closer Look at the Portability of Walking Pads

Walking pads offer a lot of health benefits, but it is their compactness, portability, and space-saving quality that make them a preferred choice by many individuals over regular treadmills.

In a busy office, you need a small walking pad that will not crowd and clutter your space, something that you can easily use as needed and then keep out of the way the moment you are done. A slim walking pad under the couch is a neat idea—just pull it out at the start of the day so you can walk on it while working, and then put it back underneath at the end of the day and when not in use so that it’s out of the way.

A foldable small walking pad can also be placed and propped against a corner or against a wall just in case you have no couch under which you can store it. Just fold it back after use and keep out of your way.

Lastly, a small walking pad will be easy to move around and carry because it is lighter and slimmer. Some walking pads are even equipped with a set of wheels, so moving them around should not be a problem.

Storing a walking pad and moving it around—these should be easy no matter how small your space is as long as you choose the right small walking pad or slim walking pad.

woman storing a walking pad

A Look at the MotionGrey Walking Pads

We are happy to share that here in MotionGrey, we offer a small and slim walking pad for every type of user. This small walking pad measures 45.5” x 20”, compact enough for every space. It is not the foldable type, but it’s a slim walking pad that only measures 4” in height, slim enough for storage even in a tight space underneath your couch or bed.

Apart from being compact, the walking pads from MotionGrey are also so much lighter, with a weight of 24kg—easy enough to move around in your space in case you need to do some rearranging or re-layout of the space.

One other good thing about this slim walking pad is the fact that despite its small and compact size, it packs up some power and practical features that will definitely help you accomplish your health goals.

This small walking pad can handle up to 120kg. It is equipped with a 2.5hp motor and has a speed range of 1-8 km/hr. That means you can easily go from a walk to a light jog and to a run with no hassle. The running board is tough but soft—it is strong enough not to easily wear out despite many instances of use, but it is also soft enough to absorb any impact from the run, able to take care of your leg joints and muscles. This is helpful in preventing any injury while you do your exercise.

The walking pads come with a data display that shows speed, time, distance, calories, and number of steps. They’re also remote-controlled, so they’re easy to use. Lastly, they feature Bluetooth connectivity

Looking for high-quality walking pads that are not only portable and compact but also functional and practical? Try the MotionGrey walking pads! In addition to all the features mentioned, these walking pads are also some of the most affordable in the market. Offered at only about $300, they’re a great solution for those who are looking to add more movement and exercise to their day but have a challenge trying to squeeze in exercise time into their busy schedule. With walking pads, you can multitask—walk while working and alternate with running so you can enjoy utmost productivity and health day in and day out!

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Apart from walking pads, don’t forget to also invest in other ergonomic solutions such as standing desks, adjustable office chairs, and ergonomic accessories to help you avoid body pains, maintain good posture, and take care of your back and spinal health as you work. Check our MotionGrey catalog to find a complete suite of high-quality ergonomic solutions for both home and office use. Shop today!

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