Can You Run on Walking Pads?

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Looking into walking pads to help you build your step count everyday despite the busyness of your schedule? You’re in the right place! We have a MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad that will meet your needs and help you break free from a sedentary lifestyle!

Walking pads have risen in popularity as a practical replacement to treadmills in today’s homes and offices. Their portable design allows them to fit even in small spaces, so you can still get your needed number of steps and exercise even if you need to work for a whole day and have no time to go to the gym.

However, we understand that some individuals may have reservations in using walking pads, worried about their capability. Can they really compare to treadmills? Do they offer the same benefits? Are they worth the investment?


One of the questions commonly asked about walking pads has to do with the intensity and variety of the workout that they offer. For instance, can users run on walking pad? We’re happy to share that with the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad, you can! Read on to find out more.

You Can Run on Walking Pads: A Closer Look at the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad

Although you cannot expect walking pads to be as powerful as your regular treadmills, they pack their own power and can compete with the latter, especially when it comes to their portability and ease of handling. In terms of capability, they also hold their ground and can go toe to toe with treadmills. Take a look at the benefits of walking pads, specifically the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad:

Dual Walking Pad Modes

The MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad is powered by a 2.5hp motor, and it has a speed range of 1-8 km/hr. This speed range enables and powers the dual mode feature of the walking pad—which means you can set it to a walking mode by adjusting it to a lower speed whenever you want to simply do a leisure walk while working on some emails, and then shift to a running mode by adjusting it to a higher speed in case you want to add intensity to your workout and run. The shift is smooth and easy, so it’s not a hassle to go from walking to running and back.

Sufficient Weight Capacity

The MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad can accommodate up to 265lbs of weight, ideal for the average user. Whether you walk or run on the pad, you can be sure it will support you and your activity even if it gets a teeny bit more intense than usual. You just need to be sure to be careful and keep your balance.

Remote Control Operation & Data Display

For easy control of the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad speed and mode, it comes with a handy remote control. It is also built with a clear data display that shows important data such as speed, number of steps, calories, and time, among others. These data will help you keep track of your exercise and performance, making it easy to progress in your routine.

All of these features make the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad a great choice, comparable to your regular treadmill, only more compact and easier to store, handle, and move around.

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How to Get the Most Out of Walking Pads: User Tips and Tricks

The MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad is designed for safety, performance, and comfort. However, as with other walking pads, the use of this equipment requires proper care and safety to ensure you get the most out of it without any unexpected accident or injury, and all while ensuring you enjoy the most benefits in terms of health and wellness.

Develop a routine that works for you

When using walking pads, it’s important to understand that no experience is the same. The rate at which you adjust to the pad and get comfortable with using it on a daily basis will depend on your lifestyle. If you’ve always been an active person, it will be easy to walk or run on the walking pad while you work. However, if you have not really been active in the past, it might take a while to become familiar with the activity. Respect your body and go at your own pace. Build your routine slowly until you’ve become so familiar with it and it becomes easy.

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Wear the right shoes

Walking pads are relatively safe to use, with some of them equipped with extra features such as a handle to ensure safety. However, you also need to practice personal safety precautions to keep your experience safe and enjoyable. The first rule is to use the right shoes. You wouldn’t want to walk or run on a walking pad in high heels, right? Choose a pair of shoes with sufficient support and are comfortable to wear so that you not only stay safe but also avoid risks of leg fatigue.

Pair it with the right equipment

Walking pads can be used by themselves or paired with other ergonomic equipment, and a standing desk is especially effective when used in conjunction with a good walking pad. If you’ve been using a standing desk to add more movement to your day, using a walking pad isn’t any different—you just add walking to your routine and, once you’re used to it, add running. The MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad is a great choice if you already have the MotionGrey Standing Desk.

Add variety to your workout

Walking pads are great for walking and running, which are varied exercises in themselves. However, if you want to add more simpler exercises, you can do so. Adding some weights via dumbbells can stimulate muscles other than those in the legs. Add one exercise at a time until you’re comfortable with several that you can alternate to make your routines more fun.

Are you ready to find the right walking pad? Try the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad! It has all the benefits of regular walking pads you’ll find online, and it’s also one of the most reasonably priced options out there. It is a slim and sleek walking pad that will readily improve the look of any space, and it can also be easily stored if you’d rather keep it out of the way after use. Check our catalog to find one of the top walking pads today, together with a wide array of ergonomic solutions.

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