Can You Use a Walking Pad Treadmill on Carpet?

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Walking pad treadmill—one of the newest wonders in ergonomic office furniture. In a time when both time and space are limited in the life of many individuals, this wonder brings promise of keeping people’s high quality of life by helping them stay healthy and break free from sedentary living despite their busy schedules and the sedentary nature of the work they do. Like a regular treadmill, a walking pad treadmill provides health benefits in terms of improved circulation, lower risks of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal conditions, and improved mood and productivity.

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In addition to all the benefits mentioned above, the walking pad treadmill offers the added benefit of being compact, offering space-saving benefits that you will not find in any regular treadmill. Walking pad setup is very easy. It is light to begin with, so you can carry and position it anywhere in the room, the best spot being in front of your standing desk so that you can use it while you do some light work. And then after you’re done, you can slide it underneath the desk, or a couch, or even your bed—it’s so slim it will likely fit underneath! You will also find a walking pad treadmill that is foldable, so it’s easy to fold it and tuck it away after.

Now to answer one of the common questions we’ve encountered about the walking pad setup, we’ll take a look at how a walking pad treadmill fares on a carpet (or if it is advisable to place it on a carpet at all), and we’ll also offer tips on effective walking pad setup.

Walking Pad Setup: Can You Place a Walking Pad on Carpet?

The “ideal” answer to this question is no. In general, as much as possible, it is not advisable to place a walking pad treadmill on a carpet because of the following reasons:

  • A carpet, especially when thick, may create an uneven and unstable surface for the walking pad, which will not be safe in keeping your balance as you walk or run on the pad.
  • A carpet may also contribute to the walking pad heating up faster because it may prevent air from properly circulating because of the thick fabric.
  • The thick fabric of the carpet may also get caught in the belt, plus the carpet can create friction, causing damage on your walking pad treadmill.
  • Lastly, the regular use of the walking pad treadmill on the carpet will also increase the rate of carpet wear and tear, so you may have to replace it sooner than expected.

However, you will notice above that when we said the answer is no, we also said this is the “ideal” answer (emphasizing the quote-unquote word)—and this we said because, in reality, walking pad setup on a carpet is possible. That is, as long as you follow certain precautionary reminders and guidelines when you do this.

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Guide to the Right Walking Pad Setup on a Carpet

In general, there are two things to remember if you want to set up your walking pad treadmill on a carpet to ensure that you won’t get into any accident or cause damage to either the carpet or the walking pad.

Choose a thin carpet

The thick fabric in thick carpets is what can cause potential problems when you place a walking pad treadmill on them.

For one, it can prevent proper airflow, and this can lead to the overheating and damage of the walking pad. The fabric in thick carpets can also get in between the belts, damaging them and the pad in the process. And as mentioned, thicker carpets are not flat, so it’s a safety hazard to place a walking pad on them.

The key, then, to the proper walking pad treadmill-carpet pairing is the thickness (or the thinness) of the carpet. Ensure that the carpet is thin enough so that it is flat and able to provide a stable surface for the walking pad and able to allow the pad to operate without overheating and without getting damaged.

Use a rubber mat between the walking pad and carpet

A simple rubber mat will protect not only you as the user from potential accident but also the walking pad treadmill and the carpet from premature wear. Select a mat that is thin enough to create a steady surface and durable enough to handle the day-to-day stress brought by the regular use of the walking pad.

Rubber mats are very affordable, and they can save you from possible unexpected expense in the future due to damage in either the carpet or the walking pad.

Apart from these two general guidelines in walking pad setup, there are a few other things you may need to remember to help you get the most of the walking pad.

Keep them out of the way when not in use

To keep your space tidy and to keep you comfortable, ensure that the pad does not clutter your space when you’re not using it. This means it must be properly stored or kept in a secure place—either underneath your standing desk or couch, or folded up (in case you have the foldable walking pad treadmill) and stored safely.

Use proper footwear when using it

Supportive shoes will keep you safe while walking or running on a walking pad treadmill, so choose the right type of shoes when using it. If you’re in an office and you typically wear high heels, you can have a spare pair of shoes ready for days when you are using the walking pad. Choose the right shoes for both safety and comfort.

Stick to the speed range and weight capacity of the walking pad treadmill

Each walking pad has a corresponding speed range that determines the speed it can go, as well as a weight capacity which determines the users who can use it. Make sure that you are aware of this and that you stick to the limit so you don’t damage the walking pad and so your workouts remain comfortable.

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Keeping in mind these guidelines in walking pad setup and use, you can be sure that everything will be well and that you can protect both yourself and your space. If you’re ready to find the right walking pad treadmill for you, check out the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad, a high-quality pad that is light, compact, and powerful, designed for small spaces. Check our catalog and the specifications of our top-quality walking pad treadmill.

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