Choosing the Right Standing Desk: A Review of the MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk, Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk, and Uplift V2 Standing Desk

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Looking for a new standing desk for work use? We’ve got you! Before you start shopping, make sure you know all the things you must look for in a new sit-stand desk—the desk’s height range, lifting capacity, and quality of both the frame and the table top, among others.

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We did a review of three standing desks in one of our previous posts, and in this post we’re doing another batch of standing desk review to help you decide which desk to go for—the MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk, Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk, or Uplift V2 Standing Desk? So, let’s get started!

A Closer Review: MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk, Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk, and Uplift V2 Standing Desk

We’ll look at the different features of these desks and compare them to help you decide which desk is right for you.


When it comes to standing desk motors, you can only go either of two ways—a single-motor standing desk or a dual-motor desk. In most cases, a dual motor is better, and all three desks appear equal in this regard. All are equipped with dual motors, allowing them to lift more and lift faster.

However, the Motion Series Standing Desk is the only standing desk in the market engineered with the reliable and widely known German Bosch Dual Motors, as compared to Effydesk with Canadian-designed Dual Motors and Uplift Desk with two German-made motors.

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Motion Series Standing Desk - Canada

Lifting Capacity, Sound, and Speed

  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk – 250lbs lifting capacity; 40dB operating noise; movement of 1.5” per second
  • Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk – 310lbs lifting capacity; less than 45dB operating noise; movement of 1.38” per second
  • Uplift V2 Standing Desk – 355lbs lifting capacity; less than 50dB operating noise; movement of 1.39” per second

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How much weight will your desk need to handle? And in handling that weight, will the desk be able to easily move up or down without wobbling? How much noise will it make as it moves? These are questions you’d want to ask yourself before you go for any standing desk.

All three desks appear to be in the same range when it comes to lifting speed, from 1.38”-1.5”. The Uplift desk has a high lifting capacity at 355 lbs, but MotionGrey appears to be the quietest at 40dB operating noise.

Desk Frame

Motion Series Standing Desk Frame

Your standing desk’s frame will determine the range of users the desk can serve. The wider the height range, the better. All three desks have a 3-segmented frame, which means they are able to move higher and lower so much more than desks with only 2-segmented frame.

The Uplift desk appears to do well for taller users, with height of up to 50.9”. Meanwhile, the MotionGrey desk goes great for short users—it can go as low as 23.6”. These extremes are important because while most desks will cater to your average Joe, you want something that can go as low or as high as you need.

It is good to note that only MotionGrey Standing Desk and Uplift Desk have the option of buying the frame ONLY. 

Table Top

A standing desk can help you customize your space, and much of that has to do with the table top size, color, and design. When choosing the right desk size and color, remember to consider the space you have and the look you are trying to create. Are you going for neutral colors or something bolder? Do you have enough space or a limited one? There is a perfect desk for you.

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Price & Warranty

When it comes to real value for money, you need the right balance of features against the cost that you’ll need to shell out of your pocket as well as the warranty that will cover you from any premature desk damage. Of the three desks, the Motion Series Standing Desk is most affordable, with a warranty of 8 years. This means you get access to the top features you need in a desk at the lowest cost and with enough warranty to boot.

A standing desk is one investment that can last you a lifetime and turn your life around for the better—helping you make healthier choices that start with more movement. We hope this standing desk review will help you decide which desk to go for according to your needs. You may want to check out this previous review for more comparison, or get a more thorough look at the features of our MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk here.

Comparison Table of the Motion Series Standing Desk, Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk, and Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Motor Lifting Capacity Sound Speed Table Tops Frame Price & Warranty
Motion Series Standing Desk Dual German  Motor
1.5” per second
3 sizes - 3 colors
3 segmented frame, with height range of 23.6” to 49”
$499.99 CAD, 8 years warranty
Effydesk Business Office Standing Desk Dual
1.38” per second
3 sizes - 5 colors
3 segmented frame, with height range of 24” to 50”
$815 CAD, 10 years warranty
Uplift V2 Standing Desk Dual
less than 50dB
1.39” per second
5 sizes - 7 colors ( additional options at an extra cost)
3 stage frame, with height range of 25.3” to 50.9”
$599 CAD, 15 years warranty



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