Standing Desk Shopping Guide: A Review of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

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Shopping for a new standing desk? We’re here to help! Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to check to make sure you find the right adjustable desk for your workstation.

We’ll go through the top 7 features to check when shopping for a desk while taking a quick look at the MotionGrey Standing Desk, review its features and specifications, to help you see what to look for when doing your desk shopping.

MotionGrey Standing Desks

MotionGrey Standing Desk Review: What to Look for When Shopping for a Standing Desk

A standing desk or a sit-stand desk can be a life-changing investment. It will help you transform your lifestyle so you can be healthier. But what should you look for when shopping for the right desk? Here are the top 7 features to check when shopping for a standing desk:

Standing Desk Review Feature #1: Motor

The motor comes at the heart of your standing desk, and it affects the desk’s performance. Most desks come in either of two motor types—a single motor or a dual motor. They say the more the better, and this is true when it comes to the motor in your standing desk. A desk with a dual motor typically has greater lifting capacity and faster lifting speed.

A Look at the Motor of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk comes with powerful dual Bosch motors that allow the desk to respond faster and to handle more brunt than other desks can. It is sturdy and steady at different heights and speeds, perfect for a more active lifestyle.

MotionGrey Standing Desk Review - Motor

Standing Desk Review Feature #2: Lifting Capacity

When shopping for a standing desk, ask yourself what items you will need your desk to handle. Are you a minimalist with only a handful of items on your desk? Or do you typically make your desk your all-in-one place for everything you need? Make sure you get a desk that can handle all the weight you’re going to throw on it.

A Look at the Lifting Capacity of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk can lift up to roughly 200-250 lbs of weight without shaking. Your laptop, or even desktop, monitor, and all accessories? Check! Your ton of other gadgets, snacks, even your favorite potted plant? Sure! Your paper files? This desk can handle that, too! (Though seriously, if you still have paper files—go for e-copy!)

Standing Desk Review Feature #3: Lifting Speed

Sure, you want a standing desk with some real strength to handle your stuff. But, you also want the desk to move faster as you adjust it up or down. After all, you don’t want to spend all your time, and patience, waiting for the desk to reach the correct height.

 A Look at the Lifting Speed of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk has a steady lifting speed of 1.5”/sec. This means from minimum capacity to maximum weight, the desk won’t wobble and can lift properly at a consistent speed. Expect fast response and a solid stance!

MotionGrey Standing Desk Review Woman Working on a Desk

Standing Desk Review Feature #4: Height Range

Many standing desks pride themselves for being able to accommodate tall people, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the taller, the better. What you want is a desk with a wide height range, able to accommodate both short and tall users.

A Look at the Height Range of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

This is one area where the MotionGrey Standing Desk really stands out, not in the taller range (though it does well there, too) but in the shorter range. We compared the desk to other top desks in the market and, so far, MotionGrey has one of the top height range offered at 23.6” to 50”. This means it can accommodate users as tall as 7” and users as short as 5”!

Standing Desk Review Feature #5: Adjustability

A good height range and a fast lifting speed are a great combination, but only if you’re able to access these features in a convenient, easy manner. Most electric standing desks come with a keypad that makes height adjustment easy (vs. the old non-electric standing desks equipped with a crank that need to be manually adjusted). All the keypad requires is a few press to adjust the desk from one height to another.

A Look at the Adjustability of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk comes with a memory keypad that allows a user to save a preset height. Once your desired height is saved, all you have to do next time is press a button to adjust the desk height. This makes the standing desk easy to use for different users with different height requirements—just save, adjust, and voila! You’re ready to work!

MotionGrey Standing Desk Memory Keypad

Standing Desk Review Feature #6: Noise Level

This might seem unimportant at first glance, but the creaking and squeaking of the desk while it moves up and down can certainly be annoying over time. This is the reason standing desk manufacturers take extra care to make the desk as noiseless as possible. Be sure to check the noise level of a desk before you go for it.

A Look at the Noise Level of the MotionGrey Standing Desk

The MotionGrey Standing Desk has a good noise level of 45 dB. This means it can move up or down without creating distraction and disturbance, so you can keep working in peace, critical during times when you need focus to finish a task.

Standing Desk Review Feature #7: Table Top

When it comes to a standing desk top, there are two things you need to check—the size of the top and the design. The wider your top, the more things it can accommodate. And when it comes to design, you’d want something that will complement your workspace, whether a clean look, a chic or funky look, or something that speaks of your personality.

A Look at the MotionGrey Standing Desk Table Top

The MotionGrey Standing Desk Top comes in three different sizes—standard (47.25"L x 23.6"W x 1"H), medium (55"L x28"W x 1"H), and large (65"L x 24"W x 1"H), so you get options according to the space you have. When it comes to color and style, you can get it in black marble and white oak. Choose your table top size, style, and you can now revamp your space and your lifestyle!

MotionGrey Standing Desk Review - Table Top

So, ready to go desk shopping? Find a standing desk that gives you a balanced set of features that will complement your workspace. We hope this MotionGrey standing desk review has helped you decide whether this desk is for you. Live healthy and live well.

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