Choosing the Right Standing Desk: A Review of the MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk, Rise Standing Desk, and the Ikea Bekant Standing Desk

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Need a new standing desk? In our recent posts, we’ve been doing standing desk reviews and sharing the features of the top standing desks in Canada to help shoppers like you find the perfect desk for your workspace. Whether you’re looking for a fancy desk with all the technological features or a basic desk with sufficient adjustability options, we have the information you need.

In this post, we’ll review 3 different desks for you to check—our very own Motion Series Standing Desk, the Rise Standing Desk, and the Ikea Bekant Desk. We’ll take a look at their feature and their prize to see which one offers the most value. Let’s do it!

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A Closer Look: MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk vs. Rise Standing Desk vs. Ikea Bekant Standing Desk

In our reviews, we focus on the key features such as the motor, the frame construction, and the tabletop, including warranty and prize to see which standing desk is the best.


  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk – dual motors
  • Rise Standing Desk – dual motors
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk – dual motors

All three desks have dual motors, which are in general more powerful than a single motor. However, what you may notice is that the Ikea motor is generally smaller in size compared to regular motors, and this will have an effect on the desk’s capabilities, as other features will later show.

Rise Standing Desk

Lifting Capacity, Sound, and Speed

  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk – 250lbs lifting capacity; 40dB operating noise; movement of 1.5” per second
  • Rise Standing Desk – 220lbs lifting capacity; 45dB operating noise; movement of 1.5” per second
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk – 154lbs lifting capacity; approx. 55dB operating noise; movement of 1.1” per second

Of the three standing desks, the Motion Series desk appears to best its competitors in this area. It has the best lifting capacity at 250lbs, followed by the Rise Desk. The Bekant appears to have the least power, able to handle only 154lbs of weight—not a surprise considering the size of its motors. The MotionGrey desk also has the lowest operating noise. In terms of speed, the Ikea Bekant is the fastest, also not surprising given its low weight capacity. Meanwhile, the Motion Series and Rise Desk come close at 1.5” per second.

Ikea Bekant Desk

Desk Frame

  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk – 3 segmented frame, with height range of 23.6” to 49
  • Rise Standing Desk – 3 segmented frame, with height range of 28.3” to 45.2”
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk – 3 stage frame, with height range of 22” to 48”

In terms of the frame, all three desks appear equal with 3 segmented frames. However, there is noticeable difference in terms of height range. The MotionGrey standing desks have always excelled in the lower range, able to cater to shorter users, but the Ikea Bekant surpasses the Motion Series desk this time with its 22” height in the lower range. In the higher range, this is where MotionGrey excels among the three, reaching up to 49”, with the Bekant following close at 48”. The Rise Desk performs a bit poorly in this area, with a limited height range of 28.3” to 45.2”.

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Table Top

  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk - available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • Rise Standing Desk – available in 2 sizes and 3 colors
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk – available in 2 sizes and other variants, offered in 2 basic colors (with additional options at an extra cost)

Aesthetic customization is one thing many users value in standing desks, and the best way to achieve that is with a unique and stylish tabletop. And when it comes to table tops, the more option you have, the better! All three desks are more or less in equal footing here in terms of size and color options, with the Bekant offering extra color choices at additional cost. If the usual colors don’t cut it for you, you can always go for bolder color options.

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Price & Warranty

  • MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk – $499.99 CAD, 8 years warranty
  • Rise Standing Desk – $745 CAD, 10 years warranty
  • Ikea Bekant Standing Desk – ~$479 CAD, 10 years limited warranty

How much are you willing to spend for a standing desk? That is a question worth asking. And how much value will you get from your money?

Of the three desks in this set, the MotionGrey desk and the Ikea desk appear to be cheaper at less than $500 compared to the Rise Desk priced at over $700. Both the Rise Desk and the Ikea Bekant have longer warranty at 10 years.

Features, price, warranty—these are the things you would want to look into when choosing the right standing desk. So which is it? The MotionGrey Motion Series Desk, the Rise Standing Desk, or the Ikea Bekant Standing Desk? We hope this review will be helpful as you choose the best standing desk for your workspace. For more standing desk reviews, check out the following:

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