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When it comes to sitting comfort and support, nothing affects both more than the type of cushion and padding you have in your chair. And when it comes to chair cushion and padding, nothing beats memory foam. A memory foam chair is one of the best investments you can get for your workplace or home office, not only for the comfort it provides but also for the posture correction and body support that it offers.

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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is a type of foam made from polyurethane material. First developed and used by NASA around the ‘60s in its aircrafts, this type of foam is now typically found in mattresses. Over the years, its use in office chairs has slowly gained popularity because of the unique benefits it offers. A memory foam office chair stands out for two different reasons—its body-hugging property and its temperature-regulating quality.

Why choose memory foam chairs?

The main advantages that memory foam offers to chair users can be categorized into two: support and comfort. Take a look at the advantages outlined below:

  • Complete Body Support

Perhaps the most important characteristic you need in a chair, body support can spell the difference between a painless day at work or one ending with back pain; between keeping your body in its natural shape or ending up with a numb back, shoulders, and neck; as well as between poor and good posture. Memory foam offers a positive experience in terms of all three.

This material is top among all types of foam because of its elastic and viscous properties. Meaning, when you sit or lean on the chair, it slowly accommodates your body and adjusts to your body’s unique shape and contour—thus its body-hugging characteristic, giving you the feeling that your body is fully supported.

The moment you get up from the chair, the foam slowly returns to its original shape. This also makes a memory foam office chair less prone to sagging, making it last longer than other types of office chairs.

  • Comfort

Complete body support usually translates to a high level of comfort for the chair user. Apart from that, memory foam offers other unique qualities that make it a perfect pair for office chairs. This type of foam has a temperature-regulating property, which means it can adjust to your body temperature. Compared to other chair padding materials, memory foam has a better heat-retaining quality. So when you are working in an environment with cold temperature, a memory foam chair can help you stay warm and comfortable.

Another unique benefit of memory foam is its hypoallergenic quality, perfect for those who are prone to allergies caused by dust and other small particles. Memory foam has a repellent property when it comes to these materials, so it is relatively safe for those with allergic rhinitis and other forms of similar health conditions.

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Frequently asked questions about memory foam chairs?

How much does a memory foam chair cost?

These types of chairs used to cost way more than regular chairs in the past because of their advance construction. However, the good news is that they are now available in more affordable options for those who are on a budget. Nowadays, you can find a high-quality memory foam office chair for as low as roughly $200.

You will find chairs that come equipped with more than just the basic elements and are offered with adjustability features for both height and recline.

Apart from cushion and padding, what other chair features should I check to ensure comfort?

Some of the other chair elements you may want to look into and consider are the following:

This pertains to the design of the edge of the seat. Imagine a rock underneath a waterfall, one that has been smoothened over time by the water flowing down. And then imagine the edge of your chair seat—with a rounded design and sloping down like this rock. The term “waterfall seat” came from this image, and this design offers a wide array of benefits—it improves circulation, provides support to the thigh, as well as relieves pressure on the knees.

  • Arm and neck/head support.

Apart from memory foam in the seat padding, also check for the construction and padding in the armrest and head support. Check the material, as well as the adjustment of both to ensure you receive full support.

How helpful is a memory foam chair cushion?

If you feel you need more back support when seated on your chair, an additional cushion can be helpful for that. There are chairs that already come with an extra removable cushion. In case yours doesn’t, you will also find individual cushions being offered to provide added back support.

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