Desk Accessories to Mitigate Sedentary Lifestyles

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Breaking free from sedentary lifestyles may seem daunting, what with the fact that many facets of today’s world seem to be associated with lack or minimal movement—from a lot of work today being characterized by sitting in front of computers to most forms of entertainment and relaxation involving sitting in front of the television or the computer, playing simulation games or watching movies.

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The question now is this: is it possible to break free? And the answer—yes. There are ways to add movement to your day. Both at work and at home, there are desk accessories that can encourage more standing, more walking, and more movement in general.

Desk Accessories at Work and at Home

When it comes to desk accessories that promote a healthier lifestyle, the top choices available are those that are ergonomic in nature—standing desks and add-ons designed to pair with the desks. In this article, we’ll take a look at, first, standing desks, and then all the accessories you can add to revamp your workspace and make it ergonomic, thereby helping you live a healthier lifestyle.

Standing Desks

Sedentary lifestyles are primarily characterized by prolonged sitting, and this is harmful to the spine because it often causes poor posture and leaves your back in an unnatural position for hours. At the onset, you will likely experience discomfort after sitting for a long time, and then back pain at the end of the day.

Standing desks are designed to free users from being bound to their office chair for 8 hours or more. These desks are adjustable in height, and they can move from sitting to standing height—and back—quite easily. Their straightforward adjustment feature helps individuals work while standing, alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day so they can correct their posture, stretch and engage their muscles, and just keep moving.

Standing desks are considered one of the top solutions against sedentary lifestyles. And when paired with the right desk accessories, they can create wonders in the health of individuals.

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So, what desk accessories can you pair standing desks with? Check out the following:

Walking Pads

If you are familiar with a treadmill, then it would be easy to understand the function of a walking pad—you can consider it as a smaller, simpler treadmill. The design and function are the same, but a walking pad is slimmer and is built for tight spaces.

Similar to a treadmill, the walking pad comes with a belt that moves so you can walk or run on it. Most walking pads have different levels of speed that you can adjust and control via a remote, so you can vary your workout from a slow walk to a fast run. The way a walking pad works and combats sedentary lifestyles is in the design by which it can be used together with standing desks.

A walking pad levels up standing into walking. Once you’ve developed the habit of alternating between sitting and standing as you work, the next best step is to try walking as you work. All you have to do is place a walking pad in front of your standing desk, step on it, and set it on the lowest level. Then, start a slow walk as you type on your laptop or computer, reading or answering emails and doing low-level thinking tasks. As you get into the rhythm of alternating between sitting, standing, and walking, you can then increase the speed to add more intensity to your walk.

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Most people pinpoint busyness and lack of time for exercise as cause for living sedentary lifestyles. However, with desk accessories such as the walking pads, being busy at work is no longer an excuse not to move and get some form of exercise in your day. Working and moving simultaneously? It’s possible with the right desk accessories!

Balance Boards

Balance boards are desk accessories similar to walking pads in such a way that they encourage you to stand while you work. Both can be paired with standing desks and can help break sedentary lifestyles. However, while walking pads are for walking, balance boards are, well, for balancing. In their most basic form, balance boards are flat surfaces with curved bottoms—so that they don’t lay flat on the ground but instead keep moving when weight is placed on them. When you step on a balance board, you need to center yourself on the board and find your balance, shifting weight between your feet.

The use of these desk accessories helps engage the body, improving your balance and posture while strengthening your core and your muscles. Balance boards may not encourage obvious movement, but the muscle stimulation they provide is crucial to addressing sedentary lifestyles. When properly and consistently used, these desk accessories will aid in keeping muscles healthy and your body well.

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Mini Pedal Bikes

All of the desk accessories mentioned above are used while standing. If you are looking for desk accessories you can use while seated, there are also a few options available. Among the most popular are perhaps the mini pedal bikes. These are the small and simpler version of the stationary bikes you see in gyms, and you can use them while you are seated and working.

The bike features different resistance levels to vary the intensity of the workout for your legs and lower body. It is helpful not only in keeping your lower body muscles healthy but also in improving circulation, ensuring that blood and oxygen move through your body well even if you are seated for long hours.

Some of the other desk accessories available for you are ellipticals and mini steppers, all compact equipment designed for use in limited spaces to help you move more even amid the busyness of your day.

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