High-Back Office Chair: 5 Long Hour Sitting Benefits

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Most working professionals spend most of their waking moments seated on a chair and working on a desk. In fact, research says that people spend about 85,500 hours sitting over the span of their career. It is no wonder sedentary lifestyle seems to have become the normal lifestyle today. Extended sitting in the office appears to be unavoidable for many individuals, and this has caused a rise in health issues such as back pain, posture problems, and coronary diseases, among others.


So, what’s the solution? Well, solutions these days range from using a high back office chair to investing in a standing desk, ergonomic office equipment that support the body and promote natural posture and movement.

Nothing beats alternating between sitting and standing as you work—this is the best way to beat a sedentary lifestyle. However, for those moments when you have to take a seat, such as when doing focus work, how do you ensure sitting for long hours does not cause more harm? Well, the right high back office chair will help you endure long hours of sitting.

Sitting for Long Hours: The Negative Side Effects

It might seem like long hours of sitting is the fate of many individuals, but that doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to your situation. Take a look at the harmful benefits of long hours of sitting below.

  • It increases likelihood of developing poor posture due to the body being confined in one position for so much longer than it should be, and often in an unnatural position.
  • It slows down circulation in the body due to lack of movement, causing cramps and numbness, as well as insufficient supply of blood and oxygen to the various body organs and parts.
  • It increases pressure on the spine and can lead to spinal and musculoskeletal problems in the long run.
  • It can contribute to loss of energy, focus, and productivity, as well as to the lowering of an individual’s overall mood.

If you’re sitting for long hours day in and day out, it’s important to be intentional about moving during certain times of the day. And, as important, ensure that you have a high-quality high back office chair that can fully support your back and your body so you’re comfortable even during long hours of sitting.

The Benefits a High Back Office Chair Will Offer

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A high back office chair is like any other office chair, except that the back support is built higher, able to fully support not just your lower back but also your upper back, shoulders, and neck. This type of chair offers advantages in terms of both comfort and style, and this is especially beneficial to keeping a healthy back and body.

Let’s take a look at how a high back office chair can help you stay comfortable and fully supported even when sitting for long hours.

It offers lumbar cushioning

Long hours of sitting takes its toll on the body, and even more so when you are sitting on a poorly designed chair that is not able to provide solid support for the back. A high back office chair generally offers more support, creating the sensation of hugging your back and helping the spine maintain its natural S curve. By doing so, it does not only keep you comfortable when sitting for long hours but also relieves pressure from the spine, keeping it in a healthy condition.

Spinal problems can occur over time when you spend long hours sitting on your chair due to the pressure of the back being locked in one position for too long. With a high back office chair offering full support, your spine can relax and you can move between positions comfortably as needed.

Full back & neck support

Low back office chairs offer protection to, well, the lower part of the back, supporting the lower back but sometimes leaving the upper back, shoulders, and neck unsupported. And, the need to constantly balance your head between your shoulders can put a certain level of strain on your upper back muscles, leading to discomfort and pain.

Investing in a high back office chair can relieve that pressure, allowing the chair and the headrest to provide support to the upper back so that you remain comfortable even when sitting for long hours seems like the only option. Getting complete support for your back, neck, and head can also reduce chances of headache and numbness on the shoulders.

Chair adjustability

A fully equipped high back office chair will have several adjustable features to offer you a customized and better experience when sitting, long hours or not. Some of the adjustability features to look into will be:

  • Adjustability of recline angle—the wider the angle and the more locking points, the better
  • Adjustability of tension to determine the firmness or softness of the support your back gets when you are sitting, giving you options between a firmer tension for moments of work and a softer tension for moments of rest
  • Adjustability of the headrest and armrest in terms of height and direction 

The adjustability of a high back office chair will determine your wellbeing during long hours of sitting. The more adjustable features available, the more options for you to stay in positions that are comfortable and healthy for your back and body.

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Enhanced focus and productivity

Despite the fact that long hours of sitting seems to be a passive activity, it can actively disrupt your day and your schedule because of the discomfort that it can potentially cause—due mainly to the unnatural position in which it forces your back and body to be. The use of a high back office chair can address this and eliminate or reduce the discomfort and pain caused by long hours of sitting.

In doing so, it can help you focus on the work that you need to do without getting disrupted, leading to increase in productivity. On a similar note, absences due to health conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle can be reduced, also contributing to a more productive workplace.

Improved circulation

As has already been mentioned earlier in the article, both oxygen and blood circulation suffer when you are sitting for long hours day in and day out. This is mainly because of poor posture and unnatural position due to your body being locked in one position for too long. This creates pressure points that hinder circulation and lead to poor health among various organs and body parts. A high back office chair helps keep you in a natural position even during long hours of sitting, preventing pressure points and promoting a healthy body circulation. In turn, all organs and body parts receive whatever they need to function in top condition.

The right high back office chair will help you not only stay comfortable but also healthy, especially when sitting for long hours. A word of caution, however: while a top-quality high back office chair will help protect your back during long hours of sitting, don’t forget that the best way to stay healthy is to live an active life and to add movement to your regular schedule. Pair your high back office chair with a good standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day, reaping the benefits offered by both. 

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