Do Standing Desks Help Back Pain? Uncovering the Truth

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Are you experiencing back pain and looking at standing desks as a solution? 

Standing desks are among the newer ergonomic innovations in today’s offices. They are designed to convert an office into an ergonomic space, helping employees and workers to break prolonged sitting habits and to live healthier work lifestyles.

Almost 80% of today’s jobs are sedentary in nature, and this has caused a rise in the number of individuals suffering from a wide range of health conditions, especially those that are cardiovascular or musculoskeletal in nature. More and more people are suffering from back pain, the most immediate symptom brought by a sedentary lifestyle. And, standing desks appear to be the most effective solution at the moment.

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Do standing desks help back pain? And how?

The effectiveness of standing desks in addressing back pain comes from their adjustability, their ability to move swiftly and easily from sitting height to standing height and to accommodate users of different heights.

A quick look at standing desks

What separates electric standing desks from your traditional fixed desks are their frames and motor. At the core of a standing desk is a high-quality motor that automatically powers the desk and its frames to make vertical movement possible. As a user, all you have to do is to press a keypad that is mounted on the desk in order to set your preferred height. The memory keypad remembers that height so that next time you use it, you only need one press to adjust the desk to the said height.

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How standing desks help back pain

Adjustable desks give you an opportunity to tweak your working lifestyle. If you’ve always spent all of your working hours seated on your chair in front of your laptop or computer, the use of a standing desk will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing to give your day more movement and activity. Here are some ways standing desks will help you eliminate back pain:

They increase your movement and engage your muscles

By alternating between sitting and standing, you don’t keep your body and your muscles locked in any single position for a long time, which can lead to numbness and pain. Instead, you keep your muscles moving. When you stand, your muscles are constantly at work to keep you upright and to give you balance, so they are consistently engaged. And the more you move, the smaller the chances of developing back pain.

They correct your posture

When you sit for too long, you often do not notice when you start to hunch over your computer or slouch on your chair the moment you get too tired. These positions harm your posture, putting unnecessary strain on your back muscles and your spine. If you notice back pain at the end of a long day at work and you’re not sure what caused it, there’s a big possibility your posture was all wrong while you were working on your seat. By standing more often, you give yourself a chance to stretch and correct your posture.

They reduce pressure on your spine

In relation to the above point, sitting usually causes some strain on your back, especially your spinal disc. Prolonged sitting can compress your discs, and this can have harmful results in the long run. And while getting an ergonomic chair can help address the problem, nothing beats standing and movement when it comes to relieving pressure on your spine and back. 

Now back to the question: do standing desks help back pain? Yes, but this largely depends on your discipline in the use of standing desks and in sustaining the healthy habits that a standing desk will help you develop. Remember to be mindful when it comes to moving more at work. The use of a standing desk is only the beginning—find ways to move more to help you stay healthier and pain-free.

Shopping for a standing desk: A look at the MotionGrey Standing Desk

If you’re looking for the right standing desk for your workspace, the selection we have here at MotionGrey will give you several options to choose from. Choose between a single motor desk or a dual motor standing desk, a regular rectangular desk or an L-shaped desk. Go for a desk with a regular table top or one with a handcrafted wooden top for a more customized look in your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a standing desk help with weight loss?
  • Yes. It’s been found in studies that six hours of standing a day can help you lose weight. However, to maximize the effect and speed up the process, you can perform simple desk exercises throughout your day and make sure to remain active in and out of work.

  • Which of the standing desk features are a must-have, and which can I forego?
  • Check out the following according to our preference:

    Must have features: Dual motors to power the desk, high lift capacity for all our equipment, and high movement speed for ease of use

    Optional features: Noise level (the difference between desks isn’t too significant) and table top design (we love the minimalist, neutral style that can match any space)

  • Between a single-motor and a dual-motor standing desk, which is a better option?
  • Generally, dual-motor standing desks are a better choice because they can carry more weight and can more faster. However, if you won’t need to put on a lot of equipment on the desk and you don’t mind a desk that moves a bit slower when you press the keypad up or down, then a single-motor desk shouldn’t be a problem. It is more affordable than a desk with dual motors, so you can get some savings, too.

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