Top 12 Standing Desks in Canada

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In the market for a new standing desk? Perfect! A healthier, happier lifestyle is waiting for you! A sit-stand desk is just the right investment to make if you’re looking for an improvement in your health:

Check out our review of the top 12 standing desks in Canada. These are some of the leading sit-stand desks in the market today, top for their adjustability and features, perfect for individuals looking to move more and live a healthier life.

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Standing Desk Review: The Best Standing Desks in Canada

Check out the leading standing desks today for individuals looking to sit less and stand more. We’ll highlight features, warranty, and price to help you find the one with the best value.

Motion Series Standing Desk

This is MotionGrey’s leading standing desk, a favorite among individuals looking for a stable support at every height. The desk can lift up to 250lbs of weight, and it can carry that weight from as low as 23.6” to as high as 49”, making it a perfect desk for users of 5” - 7” height. This is easily achieved with the dual Bosch motors and 3-segmented steel frame that each desk is equipped with, the perfect combination for strength and stability.

Warranty: 8 years

Table tops: color options (white marbleblack oakoak brown)

Price: $499.99 CAD (payable in installations with Affirm)

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MotionGrey Motion Series Standing Desk

Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk

This is the lowkey version of the Motion Series desk for individuals who are looking for a solid basic support from their desk. Equipped with a single motor, this desk can lift up to 176lbs and can go from 28” to 46” height. Like the Motion Series, it comes with a built-in memory keypad that allows you to save up to 4 preset heights, making it easy to shift from one height to another with just a simple press of a button. Simple and reliable!

Warranty: 3 years

Price: $239.99 CAD

MotionGrey Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk

Effydesk Business Adjustable Standing Desk

This is a sturdy desk that can lift up to 310 lbs of weight. It is equipped with dual motors, reinforced steel frames, and 4 programmable height settings, including a cable management tray and steel alloy grommet. It is offered in 3 different sizes and multiple color options for those who want to style their space.

Warranty: 10 years

Price: $835 CAD

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Effydesk Business Adjustable Standing Desk

Autonomous SmartDesk Core                                  

The SmartDesk Core from Autonomous combines a solid steel 2-stage frame and electric dual motors to deliver a lifting capability of up to 265-270lbs. It has the same programmable keypad as its counterparts, with up to 4 height options for easier adjustment. It can move from as low as 29.4”, not as low as other desks, but sufficient for taller heights at up to 48”. It also comes in 3 sizes, with pre-drilled holes included for easy assembly.

Warranty: 5 years for frame; 1 year for top

Price: $530 CAD

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Autonomous SmartDesk Core

Progressive Desk: Economy Ryzer Standing Desk

The Economy Ryzer from Progressive Desk is its budget standing desk. It is equipped with a single motor and 2-stage frame, and it can go as low as 27.9” and as high as 47.6”. It can also lift up to 155 lbs of weight and has a collision detection capability. It features an adjustable width—from 39” to 58.3”—as well as adjustable glides.

Warranty: 8 years

Price: $480 CAD

Progressive Desk Economy Ryzer Standing Desk

Flexispot Standing Desk (Pro Plus E7)

The Pro Plus E7 can lift up to 355 lbs of weight. The height range is at 22.8” to 48.4”, catering to users who are as short as 4’2” or as tall as 6’4” in height. This desk comes with a dual motor and is equipped with a cable tray. There are 2 frame options available—the C-frame and the T-frame.

Warranty: 15 years

Price: $459.99 CAD

Flexispot Standing Desk

Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk

This standing desk features a soft, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant desktop that is smooth and easy on the hands and fingers and has anti-microbial property. It has a height range of 24.5” to 50.2”, and it can lift weight as heavy as 300 lbs. It also comes equipped with a memory keypad that accommodates up to 4 preset heights.

Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty

Price: $1,195 CAD

Ergonofis Shift Standing Desk

Varidesk Electric Standing Desk

This desk is designed for taller users. It features a height range of 25” to 50.5”, with 4 programmable height settings. The desktop is thick (1.25”) and wide (48”), and it comes in 5 different finishes. It has a stable T-style frame and can handle up to 220 lbs of weight. Assembly can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty

Price: $1,100 CAD

Varidesk Electric Standing Desk

Ikea Bekant Office Desk

The Ikea Bekant has a lift capacity of only 154 lbs, but its table top can handle most work supplies with sufficient surface area. Measuring 63” x 31.5”, this desk can rise to as low as 22” and up to as high as 48”. It also features a melamine surface and comes with a cable management net underneath.

Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty

Price: $729 CAD

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Ikea Bekant Standing Desk

Rise Desk

A height range of 24” to 50”, a lift capacity of 310 lbs, dual motors, and a 3-segment steel frame—these are some of the features of the Rise desk. It is offered with an anti-tilt and collision technology and a child lock feature, and it has a quiet operation at 45 decibels coupled with a lift speed of 1.5”/sec. The desktop is anti fingerprint and has heat-resistant property.

Warranty: Limited 10-year warranty

Price: $695 CAD

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Rise Desk Standing Desk

Uplift Standing Desk

The Uplift desk has a lifting capacity of 355 lbs and a travel speed of 1.6”/sec. The frame itself comes with 48 threaded bolt holes that can accommodate a wide range of accessories—from CPU mounts and monitor frames to foot rests and extra area space for additional materials on the desk.

Warranty: 15 years

Price: $599 CAD

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Uplift Standing Desk

Motion Series Standing Desk with Handmade Table Top

This standing desk carries all the adjustability features and capabilities of the Motion Series desk and pairs them with a beautifully crafted table top that is 100% handmade and 100% from real wood. This is in collaboration with a local artist, done in alignment with one of MotionGrey’s values of supporting local businesses—100% Canadian made! The top is sturdy and stylish, and the desk is equipped with a powerful motor that guarantees it can handle the brunt of your daily grind.

Warranty: 8 years

Price: $1649.99 CAD

MotionGrey Standing Desk with Wood Table Top

Motion Series Standing Desk with ChopValue Sustainable Table Top

Our best-reviewed standing desk, is engineered with industry-leading dual Bosch motors and a three-segmented steel frame for sturdiness at all heights. The tabletop is of Innovatively engineered material, made from recycled chopsticks collected locally. Eco-friendly durable tabletop brings warm natural tone. Each desktop is handcrafted through a process that is entirely carbon-negative. This means that you are storing more carbon than the entire process creates, making this desktop not only beautiful, but great for the planet. The process and craftsmanship involved allows for variation in each piece, making your desk one of a kind. There is also the option to purchase the Sustainable ChopValue Table Top separately without the frame. 

Warranty: 8 years

Price: $1,249.99 CAD

Guide to Standing Desk Shopping

Ready to shop for the best adjustable standing desk for your workspace? Take a look at this quick rundown of the things you need to check when shopping for a standing desk:

  • Basic desk capability: lifting capacity, height range, lifting speed, and noise level
  • Desk frame: single or dual motors, 2-segment or 3-segment frame, material construction
  • Table top: size, color options,  material and texture
  • Technological features: anti collision and child safety, memory keypad capability
  • Warranty and prize

With all these things in mind, you’re ready to shop! If you’re looking for high-quality standing desk options, start your shopping by browsing our catalog for a complete selection of standing desks that are great for various types of users. Click here to see more!

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