Ergonomic Accessories to Fix Turtleneck Syndrome

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Are you suffering from neck pain, discomfort in your upper back and shoulders, and headache regularly? While a general sedentary lifestyle can cause all of those symptoms, one particular condition you might want to look into is turtleneck syndrome. It’s a term coined from the position that the head assumes when you look down on your mobile phone or laptop, busy with typing and texting—your head extended forward, bent down, just like that of a turtle.

Another term used interchangeably with turtleneck syndrome is text neck syndrome (because it is closely linked with the habit of excessive texting) and tech neck syndrome (because it is pretty common among individuals working in the tech industry). But whether it is excessive texting or your work in the tech industry that is causing the problem, one thing is true—turtle neck syndrome can cause a lot of troubles in terms of health, productivity, and overall comfort.

The Side Effects of Turtleneck Syndrome

Turtle neck syndrome can lead to more serious health conditions when not immediately addressed. The moment you experience the symptoms mentioned above, it is important to find ways to cure the condition and fix turtle neck.

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Otherwise, you might suffer from the following:

  • Ignoring turtleneck syndrome can eventually lead to nerve compression
  • Continuous strain on the neck muscles can cause stiffness and affect your mobility
  • Pain due to turtle neck syndrome will definitely hinder your focus and can negatively affect productivity at work
  • Ultimately, ignoring the symptoms of turtleneck syndrome can lead to more serious musculoskeletal conditions

Given all the risks mentioned above, you must now focus on a more important question: how do you fix turtle neck syndrome? The answer lies in changing your daily habits while you can, while the condition hasn’t yet gotten worse. There are many ways to do this, and in this blog post we will focus on the use of ergonomic accessories to address turtleneck syndrome.

Fixing Turtle Neck Syndrome with the Use of Ergonomic Accessories

Positive habit building is important to creating a healthy lifestyle, and it is also the key to addressing turtleneck syndrome. In building these habits, there are certain accessies you can use to help you alleviate pain and find relief. Check out the following:

Ergonomic Office Chair

A high-quality ergonomic office chair will provide you with the right amount of support for your back and body, and this extends to the upper back, shoulders, and neck. All parts of the body are connected, and they affect each other. For instance, if you do not get enough support for your lower back, it will likely grow stiff and the other surrounding muscles will have to work harder to support your back. Soon, the said muscles will suffer from the same symptoms—stiffness and discomfort—and you will be more prone to turtleneck syndrome.

It is therefore important to use a high-quality ergonomic chair that will provide complete support to your back. Choose a chair that has complete features, capable of maintaining your body’s natural form and posture.

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Aside from a high-quality ergonomic office chair, one add-on you might want to consider in addressing turtleneck syndrome is a reliable headrest, one that can be adjusted in height as well as in angle. Some ergonomic chairs already come with a built-in headrest, although low-back chairs typically do not have them.

When shopping for an office chair, consider one with a headrest that can provide proper support to your head and neck. Adjust the headrest to a position that will be comfortable for your head, as well as at an angle that will allow your neck to relax while being supported upright.

Laptop Stand or Monitor Riser

We know that one of the leading causes of turtleneck syndrome is constantly looking down on your devices—smartphones, laptops, monitors, you name it. In a workstation, one way to prevent or avoid this is to elevate your devices so that you won’t have to constantly look down at them.

One of the simplest solutions you can employ is a laptop stand or a monitor riser. This is a straightforward platform designed to elevate your laptop or monitor from your desk. The goal is to keep your head straight and relaxed when you are typing by not having you look down on the laptop or monitor every time. And when the head, neck, shoulders and back are relaxed, you can function better.

Monitor Arms

You can consider monitor arms as a level up from a laptop stand or monitor riser, and it offers an innovative way to fix turtle neck syndrome and provide you with many other benefits. A set of monitor arms may come with a single, double, or more arms, and each arm is designed to hold a monitor, repositioning the monitor and elevating it from your desk.

monitor arm

This set-up provides a lot of benefits to users, such as the following:

  • It makes the monitor easily adjustable in terms of height and angle, and this helps not only with fixing turtle neck syndrome but also in preventing eye strain.
  • Elevating the monitors means freeing up your desk space, and this is important to allow you extra space for the other equipment you may need to place on your desk.
  • Monitor arms make it easier to tidy up and organize your space. Once you are done with your day at work, you can simply move the monitors out of the way so that your space looks less cluttered and more organized.

Are you ready to revamp your space and say goodbye to turtleneck syndrome? Consider one, two, or all of the ergonomic equipment and accessories mentioned above. And the good news? All of them, you will find here at MotionGrey!

We have high-quality ergonomic office chairs, and we have several options offered with a headrest. We also have a monitor stand or laptop riser, as well as a set of monitor arms. These are all made to exacting specifications, and all available at reasonable prices. Check our catalog to find the right accessories to free you from turtleneck syndrome!

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