The Top 5 Ergonomic Accessories to Pair with Your Standing Desk

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Creating an ergonomic workstation can be the one thing that will help you design a healthy lifestyle at work, and it can have far-reaching positive effects not only to your physical health but also to your mental wellbeing and your overall work performance. If you’ve started to undertake this project by getting the right standing desk, the next step will be to add ergonomic accessories to complement your adjustable desk.

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There are several options available for you. The standing desk may be the star of every ergonomic workstation, but the only way to reap all the many benefits of this desk is to use the right ergonomic add-ons to complement it.

Standing Desk Accessories: The Best Ones for You

Before looking into the many accessories you can add to your space to maximize the use of your standing desk, consider the way it works.

An adjustable desk is, well, adjustable—in terms of height. This adjustability enables the desk to facilitate both sitting and standing among its users as they work, and this has proven helpful in breaking people’s sedentary lifestyle. Now to get the most of your standing desk, consider the following ergonomic accessories:

Anti-Fatigue Mat

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If you are new to standing at work, you can expect some level of discomfort as your body adjusts to more standing and movement. For some people, this can be too much and can lead to them getting discouraged to continue in the path of a healthier work lifestyle.

So, what do you need? Well, you need an aid to make standing more comfortable and easier, and an anti-fatigue mat is designed exactly for that. This rubber mat is a soft mat material that can absorb much of the force coming from the concrete surface you are standing on, protecting your legs and your feet from strain and fatigue. Choose one with knobs and ridges to aid in massaging your soles and encouraging more movement in order to add variety and fun to your standing time.

Ergonomic Office Chair

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You can think of an ergonomic chair as an independent ergonomic equipment in itself, and that will be true. While an adjustable standing desk may be all about developing the habit of standing more at work, you also need to ensure that you sit healthy and comfortably, maintaining a proper sitting posture and protecting your back from damage.

An ergonomic office chair is designed for that. Its adjustability features will enable you to keep your back and your body in its most natural posture so that you can keep your muscles, bones, and your spine healthy.

Cable Organizer

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You might wonder how an accessory as small as a cable organizer can be a perfect pair for a standing desk. Well, an adjustable desk is a nifty addition to your space, but it can create an exposed and chaotic jumble of wires because of the many cords coming from your monitor, CPU, and other devices hooked to the desk.

And, wire management plays a big role in keeping a space ergonomic and safe. Not only do cluttered wires create a real eyesore, but they also pose some serious risks and hazards such as fire, the possibility of slipping and falling, as well as the premature wear and tear of your devices due to the daily strains the wires are subjected to. A cable organizer, whether in the form of a cable net, sleeves, or an organizer box, will go a long way in keeping your space tidy and safe.

Monitor Arms

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You can consider the monitor arms as organizational devices, too, but they actually do more than just organize your space. These are a pair of metal arms designed to hold computer monitors, taking them off your standing desk and repositioning them to give you some extra free space on your desk. These are especially helpful if you have dual monitors which might take up much of your desk space.

Apart from repositioning the desk and freeing up some desk space, the monitor arms will improve the adjustability of the monitors so that you get better visibility and avoid eye strain, as well as improve your muscle health and posture from not having to constantly stand or sit in unnatural positions just to see your screen.

Rolling Steel Cabinet

Another organizational accessory you might want to pair your standing desk with is a steel filing cabinet, and we recommend the rolling type for easier handling. Keeping your desk clutter free means only keeping the most important items there—this means items you regularly use on a daily basis. Everything else, especially important documents that you don’t want exposed, must go to a secured space for safekeeping.

This is the function of a high-quality filing cabinet: to help you organize your things and prevent unnecessary clutter in your space. Get one that will match and fit your workspace not only in function but also style.

Are you ready for a workspace revamp? You’re off to a good start with a high-quality adjustable standing desk! Now, it’s time to simply choose the right ergonomic accessories for you. Choose from the items we mentioned above, or check our catalog of ergonomic add-ons here are MotionGrey. Everything is designed to complement your ergonomic space, so you can be sure they will work well. Shop today and start designing the space you’ll love.

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