MotionGrey Ergo2 Series Single Motor Ergonomic Standing Desk - Installation Guide

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So you just invested on your very first standing desk, and it’s from our standing desk lineup—thank you! If you’re not sure how to assemble your MotionGrey 2 Series Single Motor desk, we’ve created a helpful video guide for you.

Standing desk assembly isn’t rocket science. It can be done easily by any regular Joe or Jane. As long as you have all the parts, accessories, and hardware needed for the job, you can easily do it. And that’s the good thing about each standing desk from MotionGrey—it comes complete with all you will need to install the desk, with no extra tools needed!

How to install the MotionGrey Ergo2 Series Single Motor standing desk

As you can see, installing the Motiongrey Single Motor Standing Desk is so easy that all it takes is one person to do it (though if you have someone to help you, even better!). No additional installation fees, no complex process, and it can be done in no time!

So, ready to install your new MotionGrey standing desk? We hope this standing desk installation video guide will be helpful for you. You may also check the installation page for this desk for more info. Let’s get started!

Motion Ergo2 Series Standing Desk Version 2.0 - Installation Guide

If you have difficulty installing the standing desk by yourself, you can always sign up for our Professional Standing Desk Installation and Delivery Service in Metro Vancouver. 

If you need spare parts for your standing desk refreshment, check out our standing desk parts collection

 How to Reset the Ergo2 Series Standing Desk


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