Workplace Ergonomic Check: Guide to Checking How Conducive Your Office is for Healthy Work

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There are several things that can ensure good workplace productivity and workforce satisfaction, and one of these is a healthy work space. Once a year, find time to check around your space and ensure that everything is working as it should and the place is set up to help your employees work at their optimum capacity. And now that the hot months are here, it's the best time to do a workplace ergonomic check.


The Things You Need to Check in Your Workplace

From the small accessories to the bigger furniture and the overall arrangement of things in your workplace, all of these contribute to the overall health of your space.

Chair and Desk

These are the foundations of any workspace because these are where your employees spend majority of their hours at work. Check that you have the right office chairs, able to provide complete support to allow your employees to stay in their most comfortable position while working. Check the cushions to ensure they are still sufficient for offering support, and examine the adjustability of the chairs.

The desks must allow your employees to be flexible, with enough space for all their stuff and enough space for them to move around. Consider investing in standing desks to allow your employees to shift easily from sitting to standing as needed.



Employees whose work mainly involves typing or working on their laptop need a monitor that is positioned at the right height and angle, and one equipped with anti-glare to protect their eyes. Check that the monitors are aligned or slightly lower than eye level, and at least 20 inches away from the eyes. This keeps the shoulders relaxed and prevents fatigue at work while keeping the eyes from getting strained. A set of monitor arms can make monitor adjustment easy.

Keyboard and Mouse

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a debilitating condition that afflict many individuals, and this is caused by poorly designed computer accessories, especially malfunctioning ones. When doing an ergo check, see to it that the keyboards are in good condition and no keys are sticking, and that the mouse is functioning well. Even better, invest in ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

keyboard and mouse


If your employees’ work involves talking on the phone most of the time (common in call center companies), make sure they are equipped with headphones or a speaker so it’s more convenient to answer a series of calls instead of taking the receiver and holding it to the ears.

man on headphone

These are some of the basic things you need to check in your employees’ workstations when doing an ergonomic inspection. As a guide, you may also ask the three questions below to help you assess your office space:

Is everything where it needs to be?

Does everything have its proper place, with no clutter than can be a hazard? Check that your employees’ most immediate items are easily within their reach, and their secondary items have their specific areas.

Is there enough space to move?

Does your employees’ space allows them to reach for stuff easily, to move around and stretch in between work sessions?

Lastly, is the workload of your employees at an acceptable amount?

Apart from the space, you also want to look at the actual work your employees are doing. Ensure that they are equipped with the right materials and equipment they need to do their work effectively and that the amount of work matches the employees’ capability. This ensures your employees’ wellbeing and work fulfillment.


Ready for that much needed ergonomic health check at work? Start with this basic guide and get going—your employees will thank you with hard work and loyalty.

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