Guide to Shopping for the Right Standing Desk Mat

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Looking for a new mat for standing? If you have recently transitioned to a sit-stand lifestyle at work through the use of a standing desk and have been looking for a way to make this transition easy, one effective way to do that is to get a standing desk mat. This mat will help you build the habit of standing more until you are able to establish the habit as a natural and easy part of your daily routine.

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What is a mat for standing?

A standing desk mat is a mat that is designed to help you stand for a longer period without feeling fatigue and cramps on your feet and legs. It is made from materials and designed in such a way as to help your feet and legs feel relaxed and comfortable while you stand, even for hours!

The right mat for standing can provide the following dual benefits:

  • It can absorb the pressure on your body that results from standing on a hard, concrete floor.
  • It can encourage movement of the feet and legs, stimulating the muscles to help maintain blood and oxygen flow in the lower extremities of your body.

They key to enjoying these benefits is to select the right desk mat for you, depending on your working lifestyle and your space. In this post, we’ll try and help you do that.


How to find the right mat for standing

When shopping for a standing desk mat, be sure to take a look at the following:

The material the mat is made of

Most standing mats today are made with foam as the foundation and either of these three materials for their surface: rubber, PVC, and polyurethane. All three of these are typically equipped with capability to withstand damage from common fluid such as water or grease. They might also carry anti-slip properties to make standing on them easy.

Of the three, PVC mats are generally cheapest but not as durable as the two other materials. Polyurethane is the most expensive, but it is not suitable for demanding conditions, especially those found in industrial workplaces. Rubber is pretty flexible and can be easily molded with features that make a mat a great addition to any space.

Standing mat features

When it comes to features, some of the most useful and practical are the following:

  • Support ridges
  • Exercise footramp
  • Massage balls
  • Acupoint massage surface

These features will help stimulate your foot palm, heel, and feet, adding extra comfort while making sure that your feet and leg muscles keep working as you stand.

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Style and design

When it comes to this, you’d want to look at the following:

  • The size of the mat (does it perfectly fit your space?)
  • The grip that the surface provides (will it keep you from slipping and sliding while you work?)
  • Its waterproof capability (can it repel water?)
  • Its construction (is it flat? does it come with extra features?)
  • The color (do you want something that will easily blend with your space or one that will stand out?)

Make sure to keep these questions in mind when you are shopping for a new standing desk mat.

Ease of maintenance

Another question to ask yourself before you select a standing desk mat is this: how easy is it to clean? Will cleanup require a lot of time, or is it something you can do in a breeze? Will simple dusting do? Will you need special formula to clean it up and maintain it?

For this, it will help to get a mat with waterproof quality and one that can easily be washed or wiped so that maintenance won’t take much time and effort.


When shopping for a new mat for standing, be sure to get one with at least a year of warranty. This will make sure any premature damage will be covered. In addition, keeping your mat clean and well maintained will help ensure that it will last longer.

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The MotionGrey ErgoFeel Standing Desk Mat

The standing mat that we offer here at MotionGrey combine the best qualities you can find in a mat—a strong rubber construction, a wide array of extra features to make your feet extra comfortable, as well as the right size and style that will match any space. This mat carries the California Proposition 65 certification, additional guarantee and testament to its high quality, value, and safety of use in any workplace.

Browse our catalog and check the ErgoFeel mat to see if it’s the right one for you!

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