The Best Ways to Use an Anti Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

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So you have recently invested in a standing mat for standing desk—congratulations! You are on your way to a healthier work lifestyle!

An anti-fatigue standing desk mat is a perfect partner to your standing desk, and it is especially helpful to those who are just starting to transition to more standing and less sitting at work. It will make the experience easier and will help reduce fatigue and pain from prolonged standing.


To help you get the most out of the experience of standing more with an anti fatigue standing desk mat, we are sharing some helpful tips that you can follow as you begin your standing journey.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Standing Mat for Standing Desk

Check out the five tips we’ve outlined below to help you enjoy the best standing experience with an anti-fatigue standing desk mat:

Always adjust your standing desk to the correct height

One of the top benefits offered by a standing desk and an anti fatigue mat is a correction in posture. By breaking the habit of prolonged sitting and standing more, you are able to correct the curve of your spine and eradicate back pain. However, this will only happen if the desk is set to its correct height, one that will allow you to stand up straight and comfortably without having to hunch forward to see your screen properly or do your work.

To set your standing desk to the correct height, check out this POST.


Take advantage of the standing mat features

Most standing mats are made with some elevation. Some of them have extra features such as massage knobs, ridges, and ramps. All of these features offer variety in your standing experience, which will make standing more enjoyable for you. The extra features are designed to stimulate nerves in your foot palm, toes, and heels in order to engage your feet and leg muscles and to increase circulation of blood and oxygen, especially on the lower part of your body.

Make sure you use these features to get the most benefits from your anti fatigue standing desk mat.

Use proper footwear

The key to standing more is to be comfortable, and this will entail the use of the right shoes. If you plan to stand more at work, be ready to part ways with your high heels for a while and to get comfortable with flat shoes—at least during the time you are standing. High heels can add more strain and pressure to your feet and legs while you stand, so choose comfort over style.

Take it easy

We’re sure you are excited to develop the habit of standing more, but know that each one of us has to start somewhere—in the beginning. This means that you may need to slowly build the habit, from a few minutes of standing at the start, to a few hours, and until such time when prolonged standing becomes natural and comfortable for you.

Give your body time to adjust. If you feel easily tired in the beginning, rest in between standing. Don’t push your body to do more than what’s comfortable, or you risk injuring yourself and derailing your progress.

Take breaks

In relation to previous point, make sure to sit down or walk around after some period of standing. This is to keep your muscles from locking up due to them having to stay in one position. Variety is the key. The features of the mat will help you with this, and taking regular breaks will be extra help in keeping your muscles engaged and preventing fatigue.   

anti fatigue standing desk mat

The MotionGrey Anti Fatigue Mat Standing Desk Mat

Our catalog carries a high-quality standing mat for standing desk. It has all the features that will make your standing experience easy, comfortable, and fun! It is made from premium rubber and has anti-slip and waterproof property that makes it safe to use in various working environments. This is the perfect pair for your standing desk and one that will help you transition to a healthier sit-stand lifestyle more easily.

Check our catalog to find the right standing mat for you, and don’t forget to follow our tips above when using your anti fatigue mat. Good luck!

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