How Long Should You Stand at a Standing Desk?

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In our previous two posts, we have answered some of the most common questions when it comes to the use of a standing desk. Continuing on in the series, this time we will answer another pertinent question: how long should you stand at a standing desk?

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The standing desk is designed to help you alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday. By doing this, you break your sedentary habit in the workplace and avoid many of the risks associated with prolonged sitting. But as with most things, the key to staying healthy is to do it in moderation. Too much sitting is dangerous, but too much standing can have negative effects, too. Take a look at the following:

The Dangers of Too Much Sitting:

  • It causes back pain
  • It can lead to poor posture and spine damage in the long term
  • It reduces productivity in the workplace
  • It increases risks of heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among others
  • It contributes to weight problems

The Dangers of Too Much Standing:

  • It can cause back pain and leg cramps
  • It can lead to the development of varicose veins
  • It can increase the feeling of overall fatigue

It is important to note that the keyword here is “too much”—that means you can avoid all the dangers mentioned above by simply sticking to the right amount of sitting and standing. Now, back to the question: how long should you stand at a standing desk?

The Right Amount of Time to Stand at a Standing Desk

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Before we give you a number, it’s important to note that this is only a guide. How long you stand at a standing desk will depend on your comfort level and where you are in your lifestyle shift. We’ll go back to that later. For now, let’s take a look at what health experts recommend.

Based on research, we found a range of standing time that health professionals adhere to: between 15 to 45 minutes (up to 60 minutes for some). This means that for every hour, you can stand from as short as 15 minutes to as long as an hour before you shift to sitting, the perfect period of standing time being 30 minutes.

Then again, going back to what we mentioned earlier, the amount of standing time will depend on where you are in your sit-stand journey. If you have been at it for a while, go ahead and maximize the amount of standing you can do. However, if you have only recently started in this journey, we recommend that you start small—slow and steady. Listen to your body and what it tells you. When you start feeling tired, go back to sitting.

Finding the Right Standing Desk

If you’re ready to make the shift to a sit-stand and a more active lifestyle, it’s time to get the right standing desk for you. Check our catalog to find high-quality and affordable options.

With the right standing desk and armed with the right information on how to get started (how long you should stand at a standing desk, how to use the standing desk properly, and how high the standing desk should be), you’re on your way to a healthier you!

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