How to Stand at a Standing Desk: A Quick Guide

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Ready for a positive lifestyle change at work? Add more standing time to your day with a standing desk! This ergonomic desk has been making raves in workplaces today because of the way it revolutionizes lifestyle in the workplace. Seen as a potential solution to today’s sedentary lifestyle, standing desks offer promising benefits to users. Check out the following:

  • They can alleviate back pain
  • They can correct posture problems
  • They can increase productivity and energy
  • They can reduce risks of heart problems, diabetes, and hypertension
  • They can help towards weight loss

The key to enjoying all the benefits mentioned above, and more, is to invest in the right standing desk and to know how to use it properly. Now the question: how to stand at a standing desk?

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The shift from more sitting to more standing cannot be done overnight. It’s a habit you need to build over time. And to make the habit building easy and effective, you need to start by knowing the right way to stand at a standing desk.

Here are Some Tips on How to Stand at a Standing Desk

Set the right height of the desk

Because not all users are the same, standing desks are also made with different features and, more importantly, different height range. Make sure you get a desk that offers the right height range for you. And once you have the right desk, remember to set it at a correct height.

The correct height will ensure that when you stand on the desk, your back and shoulders will be relaxed and you won’t need to hunch over your computer or extend your neck and body just to see your screen properly. For a quick guide on setting the correct height of your standing desk, check out our previous POST.

Get proper feet and leg support

Among the most probable challenges that you will encounter at the early stages in your lifestyle shift are discomfort and fatigue, especially concerning your legs. Be ready for this and equip yourself with the right support.

One of the supportive add-ons you can invest in is an anti-fatigue mat. It is a cushioned mat that can help absorb the strain caused by the concrete floor you are standing on. It can help reduce pressure on your feet and legs, as well as promote circulation especially in the lower body. Apart from investing in an anti-fatigue mat, make sure you also use the right footwear, one that is comfortable and able to provide enough support for your feet.

Be mindful of your posture

While standing has potential to combat the poor posture most people develop when they’re seated for too long, you also need to remain mindful to make sure you are standing straight when using the standing desk. Keep your back relaxed and your spine properly aligned, and make sure that as you stand, you constantly shift weight between your legs evenly. Avoid standing with your weight on just one leg for too long.

woman working at a standing desk

Check the height of your monitor or screen

Apart from setting the right desk height, be mindful of the placement of your screen as well. The screen must be at eye level, not too high or too low. Incorrect monitor height or angle can lead not only to strained shoulders, neck, and back but can also cause eye strain. For a guide on the proper placement of your monitor or screen on the desk, check this POST.

For easier monitor adjustment, you can get a set of monitor arms. These are metal arms that you clamp on the edge of the desk, and they can hold your monitor/s above the desk. They are easily adjustable, so it’s easy to get the right screen height and angle.

Invest in other ergonomic products

When it comes to how to stand at a standing desk, we are looking at not only the back, the legs, and shoulders but the entire body, including your arms and your core. Therefore, it will be helpful to check how you can take care of other parts of your body when you use the standing desk.

The good news is that there are a lot of options when it comes to ergonomic accessories that can help with this. Among the firsts that we would recommend are ergonomic mouse and keyboard. These are designed to optimize the position of your arms, wrists, and fingers, allowing them to remain in their natural position even when you have to type or click on your computer all day. The right mouse and keyboard can prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as other related conditions.

So, are you ready to start your sit-stand journey? Find the right standing desk HERE and don’t forget to apply the tips we mentioned above. How to stand at a standing desk? That’s easy! Get the right desk and practice the right standing habits!

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