How to Celebrate a Green Valentine

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Happy Valentines, dear readers!

Almost a week to go, and one of the year’s most celebrated occasions is finally here! Have you prepared for Valentine’s Day? Reserved for a valentine seat in your favorite restaurant, perhaps, or chosen a gift for your beloved?

If the latter is an item you haven’t ticked off in your to-do list just yet, this writeup is for you! Why not give love this valentines day not just to your loved ones but also to our planet? Make it a green valentine!

green valentine

Color Your Valentine Green: Making Your Celebration Eco-Friendly

Some people think going green involves hard work, and this thinking makes shifting to an eco-friendly lifestyle unappealing. To a certain extent, it does involve hard work—much like introducing any new change in your life would. But if you approach this lifestyle change piece by piece instead of looking at it as a big, overwhelming whole, the journey becomes easy.

Why not make this Valentine’s Day an exercise in going green? How? Start with your gift giving—why not add some green to the practice? Here’s how:

Replace your flowers with an actual living plant

We’re not here to put flower shops out of business, but we do prefer gifts that will last longer and provide benefits other than putting a smile to our loved ones’ faces and brightening up a room. This is the reason we prefer live plants, perhaps in a pot, instead of a bouquet of flowers that, although beautiful, will only last a few days before they wilt and die.

gift of plants

Find a good indoor plant, maybe a potted rose, to gift your loved ones, and then enjoy seeing the rose bloom and flower after sometime. Plants will not only liven up a room but also clean the air and provide free oxygen.

Express your love with food

Apart from chocolates, baked goodies are pretty popular during Valentine’s Day, and they make for perfect gifts. The good thing about food is that you will seldom go wrong with them. If you know your loved ones well enough, you likely have an idea about what they like and can easily choose the right food gift to give.

gift of food

Another advantage of giving food as gift is that you can buy from your local providers, people in your own neighborhood. A scroll of your social media feed will give you plenty of options. And, you can even go further in going green for Valentines by choosing eco-friendly ingredients, including natural packaging. Win-win!

Go for a personal touch by giving handmade gifts

If you’re into arts and crafts, personalized gifts are a great idea. Not only are they pretty inexpensive to prepare, but you have a world of options when it comes to handmade items—you can go as personal as you like, indulge in decorating, and express yourself fully.

handmade valentine gifts

For some green handmade Valentine gift ideas, check out the items below:

  • A handmade card made up of all the stuff you shared together (i.e. movie or concert tickets, a note you received from your loved ones, even a wrapper of a chocolate they once gave you, if you’re the kind of person who keeps these things)
  • A pretty jar containing endearing and loving notes (a version of this is a collection of letters you’ve written to your loved ones in the past, specific for this occasion)
  • A coupon book or a framed poster that details everything you love about your loved ones (another version is a gratitude book or poster listing all you’re thankful for for your loved ones)

The catch with personalized gifts is that they take some planning, but the results are well worth the effort! And, you can choose green materials to prepare your gift to show some love to Mother Earth as well.

Give the gift of experience

Instead of a physical gift, why not plan a surprise valentine activity? You can go as simple as a dinner date in your favorite restaurant or as unique as something both of you have never tried before or something you know your loved one is interested in.

watching the sunset

It could be to climb a mountain and watch the sunset (and go plogging while you’re at it), go skating or try rock climbing, learn something new together like painting or cooking… You can even go extreme like bungee jumping—it’s all up to you! The good thing about this is that it can be a bonding activity and something you can look back to months or even years ahead.

Give a practical gift

Instead of going the traditional Valentine route with gifts that, although sweet, are sometimes impractical and will end up discarded in a corner, why not go for a practical gift—something your loved ones actually need or can use?

One non-traditional way to do this is to simply ask your loved ones what they want for Valentine’s Day. Or if you know them well enough and you know what they need, then you can easily get it. It might not seem sweet initially, but your loved ones will definitely thank you for being practically thoughtful.

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We hope you find the perfect green Valentine gift and have a wonderful Valentine celebration!

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