Your 2022 Valentine Gift Guide

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Still looking for the perfect Valentine gift for your loved one? The challenge these days is not that you have no option, it’s that you have a mountain of options and choosing the right gift can be overwhelming. But worry not—we’ve written this guide to help you find that one perfect gift that will make Valentines a memorable occasion.

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How do You Find the Right Valentine Gift?

This post follows the previous post we wrote on choosing eco friendly gifts. If you’ve read the post and you’re now almost ready to get the right gift, read further for ideas.

The Classic Gift: Something Fresh, Something Sweet

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You know the classic. You have your flowers and chocolates, or as we mentioned in our last post, a living plant instead of flowers and, of course, a variety of sweet chocolate alternatives such as pastries. These days, you will also find a bouquet of almost everything—like a bouquet of your loved one’s favorite food.

The Practical Gift: Something that Lasts Beyond Valentine’s Day


This depends on the lifestyle of your loved one, so this takes some discerning and some planning. To find the right gift, simply ask yourself: what does your loved one need?

If you check our catalog, you’ll find gift ideas for a loved one who spends a lot of time in front of a computer—ergonomic gifts and accessories to make their life easier and healthier.

The Thoughtful Gift: Something They Will Love


This is a little similar to the one above, but while the previous one focuses on what your loved one needs, here you focus on what s/he is interested in or passionate about. If you have a loved one who loves painting, then a new set of brushes and colors may be perfect. It could be a cooking set for someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Or, a stylish speaker for someone who loves music. The options are endless.

The Wellness Gift: Something that Says ‘I Care About You’


You know how it is—life can be stressful. Good thing we have each other. But for those times when you can’t be there for your loved ones, you can help them manage the stress with the right Valentine gifts that will help them maintain their zen. Gifts like soy candles, essential oils, a self-pamper kit, or massage ball can go a long way to care for your loved ones even if you’re away. Check what they like and go for it.

The I Want to Spend Time with You Gift: Something to Share

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These are the experience gifts that we mentioned in our last post—activities you can do together, classes you can attend, or even just a gift that encourages sharing experiences, like those 1000-piece puzzles that you can work on together. The key to finding the right gift is to look for shared interests, just to make sure that you will both enjoy doing the activity.

So, are you ready to pick the right gift? Take this time to think about and find the perfect gift for your loved one.

And if you’re looking for options, head over to our catalog for some ergonomic finds and cool accessories. And as a treat, you get 10% off on all our products using the code VAL10 (limited from Feb 7-15, 2022 only). Or, check out our MotionGrey Valentine giveaway for a chance to win a Valentine gift box full of goodies.

We hope you find the perfect gift and enjoy a love-filled Valentine.

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