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Has your ergonomic office chair started to look worn-out even if it is still in good condition with no noticeable damage? Maintenance and upkeep are crucial not only for keeping office chairs looking good but also for protecting them against premature damage. And the good thing is—cleaning an office chair is easy. Depending on the extent of the dirt, dust, or stain on the chair, the process can take less than an hour and doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Observing regular ergonomic office chair cleaning is key to keeping your chair in good and tiptop shape for many years, and it will help you ensure you won’t need to get a new replacement chair anytime soon.

The Different Ways to Clean an Ergonomic Office Chair

Before we go into the actual process of cleaning your office chair, let’s start by answering the first question that might be in your mind: how often should you clean office chairs? The answer to this question would depend on the type of cleaning that you need to do.

If you are doing a simple regular cleaning for maintenance purposes, you can do it as often as weekly or monthly, depending on the environment in which you use your chair. On the other hand, deep cleaning may be done every 3 or 6 months, again depending on how heavy the dirt or stain is.

Apart from this, another consideration to check would be the material the chair is made of. Office chairs made from mesh will require a different cleaning process compared to ergonomic office chairs that are made from leather, for instance. The cleaning solutions used will also be different.

IMPORTANT: Manufacturers will generally have a recommended cleaning method for the chair. And, there are instances when you will need to strictly follow these methods, especially if your ergonomic office chair is still under warranty. Not following the manufacturer’s guideline may lead to the warranty ending up void.

Regular Ergonomic Office Chair Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your office chair can be done by simply wiping it. If it is made from leather, do this with a soft cloth or a leather wipe, as well as a leather cleaner solution or mild soap to protect and preserve the material.

If your ergonomic office chair is made from mesh or fabric, you may need a soft-bristled brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or crumbs, especially underneath the mesh or fabric material. This is especially important if you eat on your desk or chair (which is not advised, by the way) and food particles may have fallen on the chair and got into the nooks and crevices.

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Deep Cleaning for Office Chairs

To clean an office chair more thoroughly, not only should you think of the chair material but also the kind of dirt you want to remove from your ergonomic office chair. Are there deep stains that need to be removed and wiped off? Treat these carefully so as not to further damage the chair.

As a general guide for cleaning an office chair with light stains, you can use a mild dish soap solution (a few drops of dish soap in lukewarm water) to check if the stains will come off. Another light solution to try would be rubbing alcohol. If neither of these works, look for a cleaner formulated for your specific chair material.

If you are not sure about the cleaner, it is advised that you test it first in a small, preferably inconspicuous, surface of the chair to see the result and make sure thar you don’t exacerbate the chair problem further.

To address other types of dirt and debris in office chairs, especially those in hard-to-reach areas of the chair, there are several options available. Of course, we mentioned the portable vacuum cleaner as a go-to cleaning device. Another one would be a duster. Or, if the debris are a little too stubborn, you may use a can of compressed air to dislodge them from their place.

Another helpful device for cleaning an office chair is a portable upholstery cleaner. Or, if you feel the stain or dirt is much too serious than any home cleaning can handle, then consider a professional chair cleaner. This will ensure you take care of your ergonomic office chair properly and reduce the risk of damage.

IMPORTANT: To make cleaning stains easy, make sure that you try to address them as soon as they occur. For instance, if you spill wine on the chair, blot it out right away and try to remove it while it has not fully set into the material yet. Cleaning it later on when it has dried and hardened will be much more difficult. 

Regularly cleaning the office chairs in our home or office is something we shouldn’t overlook. After all, it is through upkeep and proper maintenance that we are able to maintain our chair’s good condition and extend its lifespan.

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