How to Create the Right Lifestyle Change to Address Turtleneck Syndrome

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Are you suffering from turtleneck syndrome, tech neck syndrome, or text neck syndrome? Called in several names, this condition has a recognizable set of physical symptoms that make it easy to diagnose.

If you are experiencing pain in your neck and in areas surrounding it (the shoulders and upper back), if this is accompanied by headache or perhaps eyestrain, and if you notice your head and neck having a tendency to lean forward when you are using your phone, then chances are you are suffering from this condition.

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Things You Can Do to Address Turtleneck Syndrome

The good news is that there is a way to alleviate the pain and address the problem—all you may need is a simple lifestyle change. The following are some of the things you can do to correct turtleneck syndrome:

Be mindful of your posture

Pay attention to your posture when you are using electronic devices. Try to notice if you are leaning your neck forward and find a way to avoid this type of posture naturally. One thing you can do is to hold your device at eye level so that you won’t have to lean forward, reducing the strain on your neck.

Design your workstation ergonomically

One other way to correct your posture and address turtleneck syndrome is to make sure that your workstation is ergonomically designed so that it will help you stay in your body’s natural position. To do this, you may need to adjust your chair, monitor, and keyboard height as needed.

Take regular breaks

Do not get lost in work and in prolonged sitting or typing on your computer. Set a timer to remind yourself to take short breaks from your electronic devices. During these breaks, stand up, perform neck stretches, and roll your shoulders to relieve tension. If you are using a standing desk, you can time all of these small activities when shifting between sitting and standing.

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink enough water and stay well-hydrated to keep your muscles and joints functioning optimally. This contributes to having a healthy body, one that is able to withstand stress and strain better.

Develop a good exercise routine

Engage in regular strength training and cardiovascular exercises to strengthen your neck and upper back muscles, improve your overall posture, and reduce the risks of turtleneck syndrome. A good exercise routine will also be helpful for your entire body. Movement will help you break free from sedentary habits and help you stay healthier and more productive.

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Like many health conditions people suffer from, prevention remains the key when it comes to turtleneck syndrome. However, even if you are already suffering from this condition, it’s not too late—there is a way to address the pain and enjoy a comfortable day at work.

Start with a positive lifestyle change by following the tips above and use the right ergonomic furniture and accessories such as standing desks and ergonomic chairs. You can browse our catalog for a complete selection of ergonomic solutions.

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