Questions to Ask Yourself When Upgrading to an Ergonomic Desk Chair

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Looking to replace your old office chair that has started to sag and cause discomfort when you sit for an hour or two? This is the best time to upgrade to an ergonomic desk chair! With an ergonomic chair in your office, you’ll be creating a healthy space that will help you stay comfortable, healthy, and productive day after day.

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Before you go and pick your replacement ergo chair, remember to check into several factors to ensure that the chair you’ll land on will be the right one.

Consider the answer to the questions below as your guide to choosing the right ergonomic desk chair:

How much space is available?

Do you have a lot of space in your office, or is your space limited? Ergonomic chairs come in different styles and sizes, so you need to make sure to pick one that will fit your space. Leather chairs, for instance, are much bulkier in design compared to mesh chairs, which tend to have a minimalist style. Similarly, high-back chairs may eat more space than low-back chairs. Check your available space and choose the chair accordingly.

What kind of vibe do you want to create?

Offices don’t necessarily need to look formal, although they do need to look professional. These days, the stuffy atmosphere that characterized many offices of the old, with their walled cubicles and heavy chairs, are now replaced by more airy and more open offices with lots of light. These come with light chairs that are easy to move around the space.

Ask yourself: do you want earth tones in your space to create a calm and professional look? Or, do bold colors that stand out speak more to your personality? Consider these when looking for a new ergonomic chair.

How much maintenance can you handle?

Some chairs are higher maintenance than others, the chair material being the primary determinant in this case. For instance, mesh chairs may be much tougher to clean when there are crumbs that went into the mesh. Leather chairs require easier daily maintenance because they will only need wiping. However, when a leather tears, it might be more challenging to fix it, not to say a bit pricier.

In either case, remember to take good care of your ergonomic desk chair. And when choosing the right one, choose according to the time and effort you’re willing to devote to its maintenance.

Which functions are important to you?

The answer to this question will determine what features you need to look for in a chair. If lumbar support is the primary benefit you’re looking for from a chair, then find one with extra adjustability at the back—for lumbar height and tilt angle. How important is a headrest for you? Or, will you need a 4D armrest? These questions will help you narrow down your options.

Once you have determined the answer to the questions above, it’s time to go shopping. Find a high-quality chair that will meet your needs while looking great and not requiring a lot of upkeep. Check our catalog for great options!

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