How to Improve Ergonomics in Your Workspace

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What’s so important about ergonomics? And what’s with all the concern about keeping spaces, whether your workplace or your home, ergonomically designed? Well, it’s all about balance, posture, and position—it’s all about keeping your body in its natural state, without putting unnecessary strain on certain parts that can cause damage and harm in the long run. Unfortunately, some spaces—and habits—are harmful to the body.

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Consider sitting in front of your computer for eight or more hours a day. It takes a toll on your body and causes various kinds of pain, not to mention the various major diseases associated with prolonged sitting, such as diabetes and heart problems. It is these reasons that make ergonomics so important. Designing an ergonomic space is crucial to ensuring that you maintain healthy habits and avoid problems. But how do you do that?

5 Things to Check When Designing an Ergonomic Space

When looking at improving the ergonomics in your space, there are basic factors that you can look into as your guide. Check out the following:

It’s all about support

Ergonomics is primarily about giving your body the support that it needs as you move in your space so that muscles are not strained and fatigued and you are able to do your work as comfortably as possible.


In your workspace, first of these is your chair. Does it fully support your back, shoulder, neck, head, and arms? Does it allow you to recline so that your back won’t grow stiff after hours of sitting? When extending your arms to reach for something, does it not restrict you? Apart from the chair, also take a look at smaller accessories that you use every day. Do your PC keyboard and mouse support your hands and wrists? This might seem simple, but carpal tunnel syndrome is no joke.

Check that when you move in your space, you have all the support that you need.

Encourage movement

It appears that the growth of office-based professions is associated with the declining amount of physical movement in the workplace. People are glued to their screen for most of the day, only getting up to go to the restroom or get water. At home, people spend a considerable amount of time in front of the TV. The effects of a sedentary lifestyle may not be immediately felt, especially if you’re young, but it takes its toll on the body over time.

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When designing your space, consider movement in mind. Plan the space, and your schedule, so that you move at least every 30 minutes or every hour. For instance, keep the water cooler away so that you have to walk when getting water. Set an alarm to remind you to stand up and walk a little bit every few minutes or so. Consider getting a standing desk and alternate between sitting and standing when you work so that you don’t spend the whole day seated. These can go a long way in keeping you healthy and well.

Mind your eyes

When it comes to ergonomics, it’s not only about your back. It involves the entire part of the body, including your eyes. Eye strain is a common problem among people who work in front of computers, and preventing this will involve a few tweaks in your space.

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First, check the monitor level. It must be at an eye level when you sit in your chair. Second, check the angle of the monitor. Incorrect angle could mean an unnoticeable pressure on your shoulder and neck, which you will likely feel at the end of the day. And third, check your lighting to make sure you don’t suffer from glare.

Take a break

Too much of any activity can be harmful to the body, so the importance of a break cannot be stressed enough.

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Taking a break and maybe going on a short walk will give you a chance to break the monotony of sitting, of resting your eyes away from the screen, or of getting some fresh air. Apart from the physical benefits, taking a break also refreshes and resets your mind so that you are more energized when you resume work.

Give your body some extra TLC

Apart from taking regular breaks, consider how you can care for your body and improve your wellbeing even as you work.

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Add some greens in your space, get lots of natural light as much as possible, or light some scented candles after a long stressful day. You can also invest in an anti-fatigue mat if you work while standing, or get a foot rest to relieve your legs while you’re seated. All of these can help improve ergonomics in your space and make your workday more fun and more comfortable.

Ergonomics involve both major and minor improvements in your space, and you can make these improvements one step at a time. Consider the steps above and start creating your dream ergonomic space.

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