Top Work Accessories that Can Help You Reduce Day-to-Day Office Fatigue

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Work fatigue.

It’s one of the most common challenges faced by today’s workers, regardless if working at the office or working from home. It is caused not only by extreme physical activities like lifting but also by stress, by work conflict, and small day-to-day habits that build up over time. Had a disagreement with a colleague? Found yourselves sitting for a half day without getting up from your chair? Expect to feel extra tired at the end of a long day.

office fatigue

So how do you deal with office fatigue? You can start by practicing some basic healthy work habits:

  • Eat well, sleep well, and exercise well so that you are in best shape at home or at work
  • Take a break regularly when working
  • Find a purpose in the work that you do (aside from earning some extra bucks)
  • Approach your work with a positive mindset
  • Develop a good relationship with the people you work with

Apart from all these habits, there are also certain accessories and equipment that can help you combat and prevent work fatigue. These add-ons are designed to support various parts of the body as you work in front of your computer.

Top Anti-Fatigue Accessories for Your Daily Work Needs

Chair Pillows

chair pillow

An ergonomic chair can provide you with much needed support for the back, shoulders, neck, head, and arms. To take that support further, you can add extra pillow support for your back or your neck. Some chairs already come with this pillow. In case yours does not, you can invest in one to give yourself the added support.

A lumbar pillow will keep your spine in its natural S-shape, while a neck pillow will support your head to keep your neck and shoulders from getting stiff after a full day of work.

Anti-Fatigue Mats and Balance Boards

These are surfaces you step on when you work while standing, and they have different purposes. An anti-fatigue mat provides cushion to your feet when you stand, protecting your legs from the pressure caused by concrete flooring. You will also find mats with ridges and knobs that can massage the sole of your feet for added comfort.


A balance board, on the other hand, is a moving board that you can stand on. It encourages a balancing motion, constantly engaging your leg muscles to build strength and facilitate movement.

Foot Rests

feet up!

These are additional support for your legs when you sit on your chair. Foot rests enable you to elevate your feet, improving circulation and thereby relieving pressure on your knees and legs. These are also helpful if you are a bit shorter and you need the additional height and elevation that the foot rest provides.

Monitor Arms

One of the primary causes of shoulder and neck fatigue is tensing of the upper body when you look at a misaligned computer screen. If the screen is positioned too low or too high, the body has to compensate for the height difference. Your upper body muscles receive most of the strain, not to mention the pressure on your eyes, too.

computer monitor

A set of monitor arms will make monitor height and angle adjustment easy and fast. Apart from that, it frees up space on your desk, so you have an extra place for your other work stuff.

Standing desks and desk converters

standing desk

These desks and converters make working while standing easy, which may be all you need to break the habit of sitting for an entire day. While sitting puts you at rest, too long and it can cause all kinds of body pain and health issues, especially if you are sitting with an incorrect posture. Standing can break this monotony and keep you less tired by the end of the day.

With proper habits and the right work accessories, you can keep work fatigue at bay. Check how you can start incorporating healthier habits in your workday and start working on designing the workspace that will work best for you.

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