How to Keep Things Organized with Under Desk Cable Management

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Electronics. They’re in almost every home and office these days. And where there’s electronics, there are cables. For most homes and workplaces, they’ve become such a regular clutter that many individuals have learned to live and put up with them. However, loose cables actually pose some serious and real electronic hazard. In fact, according to an Arbill study, tripping on unorganized wires and cables is the second most common hazard at work.

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Under desk cable management may not be a priority in so many homes and offices today, but it might be time you take a closer look at the cables and wires lying around your space and see how you can organize them.

The Benefits of Managing Your Cables

Devoting some time to tidy up and manage your cables – is the time worth it? In the long run, yes. Here are why.



Perhaps the most obvious reason – tangled wires are accidents waiting to happen. Tripping on them and falling is just one risk. Do you have pets? Do you have kids? If you do, you probably know that, for some unknown reason, both children and animals are attracted to cables – pulling on them, playing with them, taking them and putting them in their mouth, you name it. The hazards are real, so cable management is crucial.

Reduce stress and frustration.

Laptop cord, mouse cord, keyboard cord, and so many other cables connected to your computer and surrounding your desks… This can get overwhelming. Cluttered environment, cluttered mind, they say. Sometimes you might wonder why you feel easily tired so early in the morning, without noticing that all the cluttered wires around you are causing the feeling. It’s time to tidy up.

Keep your work area looking professional.

Tangled wires – they have a way of making even the most polished room look sloppy. And it’s tricky because if you see them every day like that, you become immune to the sight and may look at the mess as normal. But, they can turn off potential clients and guests. Therefore, cable management must always be in your priority list.

Save money.

If you leave your wires loose on the floor or tangled with each other, they suffer from accelerated wear and tear caused by being crushed underneath your electronic devices or by your feet when you walk on them on the floor, by friction as they rub against each other, or by sagging and other forms of damage. You might not even notice that you’re replacing devices more frequently than you should because of premature damage on them. Proper management is key to lengthening their lifespan.

Effective Tips for Under Desk Cable Management

There are several ways you can address the problem of tangled wires – you can choose one or a combination of any of the ways below.

Go wireless.

Perhaps the most effective of them all, going wireless will completely rid you of the stress and trouble that wires may cause. Take advantage of the availability of Bluetooth connection between devices to make your daily office or work life much more efficient and stress-free.

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Use the right length of cables.

Sure, it’s easy to think that the longer the cables, the better so that you have more mobility. However, if you have a home office and a computer that seldom leaves your table, you have no need for long cables. Get only what you need and go for them. 

Use cable ties to manage lengthy cables.

If you already have long cables that have the tendency to stray and get tangled, you can take control of them by tying them with cable ties or zip ties. These ties are also helpful in tying together several cables that go into one spot – for instance, tying all the cables that go behind the computer so that they’re tidy and not hanging loose.

Use holes and grommets. 

This is one of the simplest ways to tidy up – to keep your desk cable-free by routing the wires underneath through holes and grommets built on a corner of your table through which the cables can go, securely hidden from view.

Use cable trays and raceways. 

During times when you cannot totally get rid of the cables, all you ever really need is to have a place for them somewhere around you or underneath your desk where you can keep them to prevent them from getting loose, from straying, and getting tangled. This is the purpose of cable trays and raceways. They’re simple channels that you can mount on the underside of the desk along which the cables may run securely and out of sight.

Use a cable sleeve. 

This is for those wires that are impossible to hide underneath your desk. If they must really show, one way to tidy them up is to wrap them altogether with a cable sleeve so that you only see one line running from your PC to the power source, instead of several wires hanging loosely and leading in all directions.

Invest in a cable management box. 

A cable management box is designed to house all the cables in your home that need to go together (such as the chargers and cords, extension wires and sockets, etc.) so that they are out of sight and out of your worry. These boxes come in different designs and materials, built to blend in and work to complement the aesthetics of the space in which they’re placed in. From wood to plastic, from plain to decorative, the options are endless.

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Buy a complete cable management kit.  

This is a complete kit that consists of different hardware and devices that will help you route your wires efficiently. Most of these kits include a cable management box to which all the wires are routed, together with clips and sleeves to help you assemble and route the wires properly. This is ideal for a DIYer – a complete set can contain as many as more than a hundred pieces of hardware to help you complete your cable management project.

Organizing all the stray wires and loose cables in your home or office may initially seem like a daunting task. However, no matter what level of skill you have and how comfortable you are with DIY solutions for managing your cables, you’ll certainly find options that will work for you. 

Whether you start with simple cable ties, or go with a complete cable management kit, or perhaps do away with all the cables entirely by going wireless, the important thing is that you start organizing now. You’ll save yourself from a lot of trouble and stress and from a real potential risk. Start looking for the right cable management solutions today!

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