How to Make Your Desk More Ergonomic

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Ergonomics plays a crucial part in every workspace. It impacts not only your overall health but also your productivity, as well as overall wellness—the joy you find in the work that you do. There are several ways you can incorporate ergonomics in your workspace, and one of the most effective is the addition of a standing desk. This is a height adjustable desk that you can use to alternate between sitting and standing as you work.

Getting a standing desk is the first step, but if you are looking for more and asking how to make your desk more ergonomic, then we’re happy to share that there are ways you can do to boost the capability of your standing desk.

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5 Ways to Make Your Desk More Ergonomic

Check out the following to see which of them you can start to consider:

Adjust Your Desk to the Correct Height

What makes the standing desk an effective solution in the workplace is its capability for height adjustment. And to make your desk more ergonomic, you need to ensure that you set it to the correct height. And when we say correct, it’s important to remember that there is no one correct height for the desk—this will always depend on your own height. For more information on setting the correct desk height, you can check THIS POST.

Ensure that You Have Access to the Things You Need

Ergonomics has to do with the way you move in your space, and this includes the small movements you do to reach for the things you need throughout the day. When it comes to keeping your desk more ergonomic, make sure that you have everything you need within reach—without cluttering your space. The best way to do this is to examine all the stuff you have and then let go of the things that you do not actually need. Keep only those that you do, and then organize them properly on your desk and around you.

Keep All Your Working Equipment in the Right Position

In relation to the previous point mentioned, you also want to keep everything that you use positioned properly on your desk. This especially pertains to your computer monitors, which should be in proper alignment with your eyes. This also includes the placement of your keyboard and mouse, which should allow your hands and wrists comfortable access as you work throughout the day.

Consider Ergonomic Sitting

Make sure that you pair your electric standing desk with an ergonomic chair, one that can fully support your back during those times you are seated. There are several high-quality ergonomic chairs available in the market—from mesh to leather chairs, from high-back to low-back chairs—and all you have to do is to pick the one that will work for you and your space.

Add Support for Your Feet and Legs

Standing can come with its own challenges, especially if you are new to the sit-stand lifestyle. To make the habit more sustainable, find ways to ensure your comfort as you stand (and even as you sit). For those time when you are standing, consider an anti-fatigue mat, an ergonomic mat that can provide added support to your feet and legs against the strain from standing on a concrete and hard surface. When seated, you may also opt to get a foot rest to rest your feet on and elevate them for relief.

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So, how to make your desk more ergonomic? That’s easy! Start by investing on the right standing desk (you can check high-quality options in our catalog), and then consider any or all of the tips above to make your workspace the dream ergonomic space for you!

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