Wobble Stools: Your Partner in Dynamic Sitting

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Too much sitting at work starting to negatively impact your health, your productivity, your mood, and your overall wellbeing? It’s time to take action and break your sedentary lifestyle. There are several ergonomic solutions you can try. You have your ergonomic standing desk and your ergonomic chair, to begin with. Or if you want to upgrade the way you sit and stay more active even when seated, you might also want to consider a wobble stool.

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A Closer Look at Wobble Stools

Sitting has always been associated with lack of movement, and a sedentary lifestyle is often characterized by prolonged sitting with minimal to no opportunity to move actively. Understanding how risky it is to people’s health in the long run, there has been a call to break sedentary habits, including sitting for too long. However, prolonged sitting appears to be unavoidable for many people because the nature of many of today’s work involves computer tasks—and this requires sitting.

Now, is there a solution to this? Can you keep sitting and do your work, and yet still find a way to move and be active? This is where a wobble stool comes in, an ergonomic solution designed to bridge the gap between lack of activity and the presence of movement while seated.

If you’re familiar with a balance ball, then you’ll understand how the wobble stool works. As the name implies, this stool is wobbly, which is why it is also called a wobbly stool. This makes the stool an effective ergonomic chair, and Canada offices have been seeing an increase in the use of these modern workplace solutions.

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The Best Ways to Use Wobble Stools

Are you considering to upgrade your workspace by investing in a wobble stool? That’s awesome! This will turn sedentary sitting to dynamic sitting and provide benefits that will impact your overall health. To get the most benefits from these ergonomic chairs, make sure to remember the following:

Pair your wobble stool with the right standing desk

A wobbly stool is designed to help you sit-stand while you are working. This means you are seated on the stool, but in a standing height, allowing you to keep moving as you try to maintain your balance on this ergonomic chair. This setup will work best if you have an electric standing desk with a height that you can easily adjust, to match the adjustable height of the stool. This will allow you to work comfortably and maintain correct posture.

Wear proper footwear

As already mentioned, the wobble stool will encourage wobbling—moving on your chair as you sit. This will require the ability to balance well to keep yourself from possibly falling. And to support this, you need proper footwear. Wearing high stiletto heels may not be advisable, especially if you are still getting used to the use of a wobbly stool. Choose a pair of supportive shoes that can help to keep you stable.

Complement your use of the wobble stool with an ergonomic chair that provides complete lumbar support

A wobble stool will help you stay active on your seat, but it’s not advisable to use it for an entire day, especially if you are just starting to get used to the use of this stool. When you get tired, you need to have a good ergonomic chair you can go back to, one with a stable and comfortable back support against which you can rest your back to give it some rest and relief. Alternating between the two will allow you to stay active and comfortable throughout your workday.

So, do you think you’re ready for a wobble stool? If you are, then it’s time to find the right one! And don’t forget—pair it with the right standing desk and ergonomic chair to get the most out of the experience.

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