How to Maximize the Use of an Ergonomic Office Chair

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Ergonomic spaces. These have become the goal of many organizations and businesses today, to create spaces that are healthy for employees and conducive for doing productive work. Ergonomic spaces have several elements to them, at the core of which are standing desks and ergonomic office chairs. If you have both, then you’re on your way to creating a healthier, more productive work lifestyle.


But how do you make the most use of your ergonomic chair?

This will be the focus of this blog post. From pairing your chair with the right accessories to creating good and healthy habits around chair use, these are all helpful to making sure that you get the most benefits out of your ergonomic space.

Set the chair to the correct height

Ergonomic chairs have several adjustment features, and among the basic ones are the adjustment for seat height, armrest, and headrest. Correct height adjustment is crucial for comfort. This will determine how well you can stay on your seat without feeling fatigued, numb, and uncomfortable. Make sure the chair is set to a height such that your feet stay flat on the floor. Your arms must be properly supported relative to your desk’s surface, while your head must be able to rest comfortably on the headrest when you need to.

Mind your posture while seated

Slouching and hunching over your laptop or keyboard are pretty common forms of poor posture that people develop when they are seated for too long, and you need to be mindful and ensure you maintain proper posture and sit straight to avoid back pain. If you need to, place reminders on your workstation so you can keep correcting your posture.

Don’t sit for too long

One way to correct your posture is to keep moving. Use a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing as you work. Get up from your seat regularly and do some stretching. Walk around and approach your colleagues. Find opportunities to move.

Pair your ergonomic office chair with the right add-on

Want added support to your back? Try lumbar pillows. These can provide extra cushioning to keep your spine in its natural shape. For your feet, you can get a footrest to elevate them or to keep the muscles engaged and moving and the blood continuously flowing.

Take breaks

Even if you have a lot of work to do, or maybe even more so during these instances, do not forget to take a break from sitting and from the work that you are doing. Instead of spending your lunch time on your seat browsing social media, go out to take a walk in the sun or mingle with colleagues instead. This will help energize both your body and your mind.

So, ready for a brand new day with an ergonomic office chair? Get the right one and don’t forget to optimize its use by following any or all of the tips mentioned above.

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