Guide to Proper Ergonomic Office Chair Adjustment

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Ergonomic office chairs are among the basic comforts of every modern office. Being able to adjust the seat between heights to get the most comfortable seating position, being able to easily roll it across the floor for easy movement and reach, and being able to adjust the back support to give you the most comfort—all of these can significantly improve your day-to-day experience at work. Now, to get the most comfort from your chair, it’s crucial to set it at the correct height and position.

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In this blog post, we’ll share a quick guide to help you do the correct adjustments in your office chair.

How to Properly Adjust Your Ergonomic Office Chair

Seat Height Adjustment

The correct seat height is important for taking care of your back and legs, and adjustment is easy as long as your chair is working well. Adjusting the seat height can usually be done with a lever or knob located under the seat. To get the correct seat height, use the following as a guide:

  • Your feet must be flat against the floor.
  • Your knees must be aligned with the position of your hip, or slightly below it, and your thighs must be parallel to the ground or slightly angled downward.

Once the adjustment is done, test the chair by shifting and changing across different sitting positions, making sure that you remain comfortable in that position. Once this is achieved, you will know you have set the chair to the correct height.

Armrest Adjustment

When it comes to adjusting the armrest, there are a few positions to check:

  • For the armrest height, the correct one should bring your forearms parallel to the ground and your elbows bent at a 90-degree angle when resting on the armrest.
  • Many ergonomic office chairs also feature width adjustment for the armrest, allowing you to bring it closer or farther from you depending on what is most comfortable for you.
  • Lastly, you can tweak the angle of the armrest to match your natural arm position, whether you tend to work with your arms slightly angled inward or outward.

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Headrest Adjustment

Similar to the armrest, there are a couple of ways you can adjust the headrest of your ergonomic desk chair:

  • To get the correct height adjustment, ensure that the headrest is aligned with your head, fully supporting it when you need to lean back.
  • To adjust the angle correctly, you can tilt the headrest a little forward or backward to help you get the position in which your head is normally in.

Once the adjustment is done, test for a few minutes to see that you are comfortable.

The correct adjustment of your ergonomic office chair can spell the difference between a good and comfortable day at work and a bad and excruciating one. So after finding the right office chair, make sure you make all the right adjustments, starting with the basic ones above, to personalize the chair according to your body, needs, and sitting habits.

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