Improving Your Office Chair Ergonomics: The Right Accessories for You

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Found the right ergonomic office chair for you? Congratulations! You’re one step ahead in your journey towards a more active, more dynamic, and more enjoyable work life. A sedentary lifestyle is linked not only to chronic diseases but also to a reduced rate of overall wellbeing. It’s easy to lose energy, focus, and motivation when you are feeling back pain due to poor posture or when you are distracted because of an uncomfortable chair.

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The right ergonomic chair can help you beat all of these, and with the right one, you can expect an overall improvement in the quality of your work life.

Ergonomic Level Up: Pairing Your Ergonomic Office Chair with the Right Add Ons

If you’ve found the right ergonomic chair but want to complete your ergonomic overhaul in your work area, there are some extra accessories you can get to pair with your office chair. Ergonomic add-ons range from small items you can add to the chair, to bigger equipment you can get to complete your ergonomic revamp.

If you’re looking for the right ergonomic office chair accessories, check out the following:

Lumbar Pillow

Some office chairs come with a built-in lumbar pillow that you can readily adjust—you can move it up or down to support the specific part of your back that needs it throughout the day. However, some ergonomic chairs do not come with a built-in pillow.

In case your ergonomic office chair doesn’t have one, you can find a lumbar pillow sold separately. This pillow comes in different sizes and designs, although it is built for the same function—to provide extra support to your back. It wraps around the back of your chair, and it can also be easily adjusted. Simply find the pillow that will feel comfortable for you to use.


A footrest is a simple aid for your feet and legs, allowing you to get some relief from prolonged sitting by elevating your feet so they are more relaxed. When you sit on your ergonomic chair for a little too long, you might notice some numbness and discomfort on your hips, legs, and feet due to the slowing down of circulation in your lower body.

The use of a footrest will allow you to get some relief from the discomfort as it improves lower body circulation. You can find footrests with ridges and knobs that can massage the soles of your feet. Others move back and forth, stimulating your legs and feet to increase circulation and improve your health. Choose the one for you and make your daily work life more comfortable.

monitor arms

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms are simple arms that can hold and elevate your computer monitors. These are effective add-ons to pair with your ergonomic office chair because they do not only give users extra space but also make it easy to adjust the monitor angle to ensure that it is in a perfect position for giving you a comfortable view of your screen without risks of eye strain or muscle fatigue.

The monitors come in single, dual, or triple variety depending on the number of monitors you need them to hold. With these arms available, you can have multiple monitors for your different needs.


You can think of a stool as an ergonomic office chair supplement, for those times when you need a break from too much sitting but still need to work. A stool will help you work while partially standing, and it is great for posture and for breaking free from prolonged use of your ergonomic chair.

Stools are also called bouncing chairs or active chairs, because while they are chairs, people who ‘sit’ on them can remain active and mobile on their seat, making it easy to move around and stretch.

standing desk

Standing Desk for Your Ergonomic Office Chair

Now that you have an ergonomic chair, you may also want to consider getting a standing desk. This is a perfect partner for your office chair, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing so you can keep moving throughout the day.

Find an electric standing desk, an adjustable desk that is operated by a motor and can be adjusted from sitting height to standing height with just a simple button press. With the right standing desk and ergonomic office chair, you can have a complete workstation revamp!

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