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Travel hassles giving you the blues? Skip the traffic and make your daily travels more comfortable with the MotionGrey electric bike.

This MotionGrey electric bike for adults is a convenient way to move around busy areas—crowded cities and trafficked roads. It’s compact enough to fit narrow spaces, and it’s a foldable electric bike that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

Bikes are fast becoming a top option for urban transportation because of their portable and compact quality. For one, they can easily breeze through traffic, taking you to your destination with time to spare. The time you save, you can use to get a head start on your tasks or to carve some time to mentally prepare for whatever lies ahead in your day. And two, apart from the time saved, you also save yourself the mental stress from all the noise, the waiting, and the chaos on the road.

And with the introduction of the electric bike for adults, you also get to travel efficiently without adding to the world’s growing carbon footprint caused by transportation.

motiongrey electric bike

What makes the MotionGrey electric bike different?

The foldable electric bike from MotionGrey is designed for busy users, those who need a reliable ride to face the demands of their daily life. Check out the following features:

Power & Speed: 350W motor, 36V battery, and a top speed of 35KM/H

Beat the clock with this speedy electric bike for adults! Equipped with a powerful motor, this is a high-performing foldable electric bike that will meet the high demands of your everyday schedule.

Next to speed, the MotionGrey electric bike is also designed for different kinds of terrains. Busy commute on weekdays? Calm road trips on a Saturday? Mountain adventures on a Sunday? You can trust this electric bike to deliver and take you wherever you want to go. The bike is equipped with 7-speed Shimano gears, 16” front and rear wheels, and responsive disc brakes, ensuring easier adaptability to different kinds of terrains.

Fast-Charging Battery: Up to 20-25km of distance in a single charge

Go far, go places with the MotionGrey electric bike. This electric bike for adults is your green companion on the road. One charge will take you up to 25km of distance, enough to carry you to all your daily travel destinations—perfect for the busy individual!

The 7.8 AH battery the bike is equipped with is removable, and it charges fast with no hassle or any complex charging process needed. This foldable electric bike also comes with an LCD screen that will show you the bike’s performance so you can easily adjust and customize it to get your desired ride experience.

foldable electric bike

Fold and Carry Anytime, Anywhere: Weighs only 57lbs

When fully extended, the MotionGrey electric bike is compact and can easily fit tight spaces. And after use, you can fold the bike and carry it—easy to store and move around. You can carry it in your car to take on your weekend adventures or bring it on long travels so you can easily explore new places.

Folding and unfolding the bike is easy, and you can do it in as fast as 10 seconds. No hassle, no stress—only comfort!

Are you ready to improve your daily travels? Try the MotionGrey electric bike for adults, a foldable electric bike that is a perfect daily companion. Scan our catalog to check its features!

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