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A total of 150 minutes every week—in Canada, this is the recommended amount of physical activity for an individual to live a healthy and active life. Unfortunately, studies show that only a small percentage of the population achieve this number. A 2011 report revealed that less than 20% of Canadians meet the number of recommended minutes. Fast forward a few years, a 2017 survey then revealed a decline in fitness level among Canadians.

These alarming facts ushered in the concept of active working and the development of innovations such as the desk treadmill, the standing desk, and other ergonomic solutions.

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The Science of Active Working

The concept of active working was brought forth by the alarming reality faced by many individuals today, especially office employees who sit in front of their computers for 10 hours or more each day. More and more individuals are moving less, thus getting exposed to a number of health risks that lower their quality of life and productivity at work.

Active working entails designing a work lifestyle that will allow an individual to add more movement to his daily routine. This also involves the redesign and enhancement of the workplace to make moving more possible for employees and workers.

There are many ways to practice active working, but one that we want to highlight in this blog post is the value of standing at work or walking in place, all while a person continues to perform his tasks for the day.

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Active Working in Action: Is It Possible to Move More at Work?

It might seem inconceivable to some individuals, but there are innovations today that have made it possible for people to move in place even as they continue to work.

An adjustable standing desk, for instance, is designed to move up and down, between heights, such that it can be used whether sitting or standing. It allows individuals to alternate between sitting and standing as they work, allowing them to add movement to their daily routine. An upgrade to the standing desk is the desk treadmill, an exercise machine that is like any regular treadmill in design, only that it is specifically built so that it can be paired with a working desk.

The addition of the use of a desk treadmill in an individual’s daily routine, whether at home or at work, maximizes his time and productivity and increases opportunity to be active.

Innovations such as the standing desk and the desk treadmill are what active working is all about. The goal is to move more, to keep the muscles engaged and maintain a healthy level of circulation in the body.

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Desk Treadmill: What are the Benefits?

A healthy daily routine is crucial to a person’s overall wellbeing. And while there might seem to be limited options for individuals who are bound to their computers all day, the concept of active working has changed this. The introduction of innovations such as the standing desk and desk treadmill has started to break the limitations and transformed workplaces today into healthier spaces.

When it comes to a treadmill, you have several options. There are desks and treadmills that are built together. There are also individual treadmills designed to be used together with an office desk, whether a standing desk or a regular one. And then, there are desk treadmills that are smaller and simpler in design, called walking pads. They function like any desk treadmill, but they are more portable and perfect for carrying or moving around.

Using any of these is one way to practice active working in any office, improve your daily routine, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Here are what you can expect when you start using a desk treadmill at work:

Productivity Increase

One of the first things you can expect is an improvement in cognitive skills, including memory and critical thinking. In fact, one survey reported an increase in productivity among 67% of individuals who participated. This can be attributed to improved blood and oxygen circulation, which ensures that the brain gets all the supply it needs to perform its functions well.

Weight Loss

Did you know that two hours’ use of a desk treadmill daily can burn up to 100 calories? It may not be that much when you think about it, but it’s a great leap for people whose daily routine involves sitting on their office chair for 10 hours or more every day.

Reduced Pain and Risks of Diseases

Constantly moving in a day with the help of a desk treadmill will stimulate your muscles. It will also prevent the development of poor posture, and all these will contribute to a reduction in back and neck pain caused by prolonged sitting. In addition, its use can help lower your risks of developing heart disease and diabetes, among others.

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Creating a Desk Treadmill Routine that Works for You

For active working to be successful in the workplace, it’s important to get the right balance between the environment and the person’s habits. These are also the primary considerations when planning to integrate the use of a desk treadmill in your daily routine. Here are some tips to ensure your success:

Choose the right one for your space and lifestyle

Pick the right type of desk treadmill that will fit your office. If you have enough space, then a fully built treadmill is a great choice. However, if your space is limited and if you are a beginner who is still trying to test the waters and see if using a treadmill in the office will work for you, then you may opt for an under-desk treadmill or even a portable walking pad.

Find the sweet spot between sitting, standing, and walking in your workday

Active working is all about creating a balanced daily routine that is sustainable and enjoyable for an individual. When using a desk treadmill, remember that it is a part of a complete routine—it is not the entire thing. This means you should not overdo it. Do not be on the desk treadmill for the 10 hours you are working. This will likely cause fatigue and burn-out, making you lose interest in building a healthy habit early on.

To start, at a minimum, try to use the desk treadmill once or twice a day, each use ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. As you continue to incorporate it into your routine and get your muscles acquainted to the daily activity, you can increase the minutes you walk while working, alternating it with standing and sitting depending on the type of work you are doing. Apart from this, there are other active working tips you can try in order to create a healthy daily routine at work.

Do not substitute the use of a desk treadmill to actual running and exercise

Using a treadmill at work is one good way to add movement to your daily routine, but it can’t be the only exercise you have—consider it a supplement to your overall healthy lifestyle. Use the desk treadmill to reach your 10K steps in a day, or to complete your 150 minutes of physical activity in a week, or to get your dose of walking and movement during winter when it’s not possible to run outside. But then again, don’t make it your sole exercise.

Choose the right footwear

Active working is all about sustainability, and one of the sure ways to make the use of a desk treadmill sustainable for you is to make the experience pleasant, comfortable, and fun. Eliminate any source of discomfort. One of the first things you must check is your footwear. Choose a pair of shoes that will provide enough support to your feet. This will help make the experience a good one and prevent accidents such as tripping while you walk or run.

To help you get a more complete view of what you can expect when you use a treadmill at work, check out this real-life account of one user’s desk treadmill routine.

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Putting Active Working to Work: Guide to Finding the Right Desk Treadmill

If you’re ready to create a healthier daily routine and add more movement to your day, it’s time to shop for the right desk treadmill. Remember some of the earlier reminders in this blog post; you can use these as a guide in finding the right one for you to transform your work lifestyle.

  • Choose between a full treadmill built in with a desk, an under-desk treadmill, or a walking pad according to your space and where you are in the lifestyle.
  • Check the treadmill’s weight capacity and built, ensuring that it can support you and that it is sturdy enough to handle the daily grind in your workplace.
  • Check for specific features that you may need depending on your preferences, from regular treadmill features such as incline to more advance features such as Bluetooth connectivity.
  • If storage and handiness are important to you, find one that is easy to move around in your space.

The introduction of active working is one of the wonders in today’s workplaces. Innovations such as the desk treadmill have made offices a healthier space for individuals. If you are new to the concept of active working, you’ll be glad to know that there are many ways to put it into practice in your own space and an equal number of ways to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. Walking while working is just one, and it’s a good start.

Make the transition convenient for you by easing into the lifestyle slowly and steadily—adding more standing time to your daily routine with the help of a standing desk, then increasing your movement by walking with the help of a desk treadmill, and then finding more opportunities for movement throughout your day. Start sooner by getting the right equipment, and then keep building the habits until you create a complete lifestyle transformation.

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